How to Play Andar Bahar Online Casino Game?

If you are looking to play Andar Bahar, then you are already aware of the best casino games that are available online. There are several online casino gaming platforms that offer top-notch gaming interfaces for Andar Bahar’s online games. They are typically available in many variations where live dealers are also available to enhance the overall gaming experience. Andar Bahar has gained a lot of popularity and fame over the course of years. It is mostly available on online gaming platforms. The main basis of the game is the Random Number Generator (RNG) algorithm.

Andar Bahar is a casual game


Andar Bahar is mainly a table game and is seen as a casual game. It is critical for any player to research the best gaming platforms for this game and read the reviews before picking the website that offers the best casino games in India. Once your research is complete, you can venture into the website by signing up and reading the rules and regulations before you actually start playing the game. The majority of the websites also offer a free demo version to help you understand the best ways to play the game on the selected website.

Andar Bahar is majorly a gamble. It is as close to wagering money on a coin flip. The player wagers on the outcome of the hand where the bet is placed on either Andar or Bahar. Each time, a fresh deck of 52 cards is taken, and a joker is placed between the two sides. The middle card is the one that the Andar or Bahar card should match. The cards are dealt until and unless a matching card is received on either of the ends.

If the matching card appears on the Andar side and you have wagered your money on the Andar side, then you shall win the bet and get money credited to your e-wallet. If you lose the bet and the matching card arrives on the bahar side, then you lose the money that you had wagered in the first place. The matching is done on the face card. For example, a jack matches a jack, and the color does not matter. The dealer keeps dealing the cards until a matching card with the middle one appears. The side with the correct bet wins.

Simple game based on luck

There is always a 50-50 chance of any player winning the bet. It is a simple game, and it is completely based on luck. No player would require a lot of skill to win the game. Although it does not sound interesting at first, it is important to note that in the online Andar Bahar game, there is a small trick that can help you gain some advantage in the casino. As online casinos tend to give the first card to the Andar side, there is a higher probability that the Andar side would win the deal rather than the Bahar side.

Because of this disparity, the odds of the Andar side are always higher on winning the deal and the wager. In fact, the odds are 2:1, and that is the very reason why the majority of the people playing Andar Bahar tend to put their bet on the Andar side. However, this is still a long shot, and the probability of either side winning still stands. The main factor is that the game is purely based on luck.

Along with these factors, it is also important to note that no player wants to wager for breaking even. Everyone wants to gain some higher returns from the wager that they have put in. This is the reason why offers are put in by the online casinos to give some form of returns to the players wagering in Andar Bahar. Further, experts believe that if you plan on playing Andar Bahar, you must consider the RTP factor. The website that offers the best RTP should be selected to play this game.

Andar Bahar is a very easy game without any complications. With this, it has increasingly become one of the most favored games among gamblers across the globe. There are several websites that offer higher payouts to their players in case they win the bet in this game. This is particularly done to increase the number of players in this category and attract more gamblers to play over time. The betting schemes must also be considered before picking the best casino app online.

Online casinos like to offer you different themes to make the experience exquisite. This is the major attraction from the online casinos that they can integrate different aesthetics to give you memorable experiences. At the traditional casinos, Andar Bahar is typically played on the table. But with online casinos, you can always keep changing the dealer and the themes to start a new adventure. It keeps the freshness intact and challenges you each time.

At online casinos, there are several other benefits that you can enjoy for games like Andar Bahar. You can communicate and interact with the dealers and the other players. This can further enhance your gambling experience. If you find a room boring, you can always change it to something else and find new players to share your knowledge and experiences.

Andar Bahar is practically available on every online casino website or app. Since the game is easy, the developers can give you the best technology where 1 to 7 players can play at any given point of time. Now, these functionalities can really raise the stakes and give you a wholesome experience to enjoy.



This is a very traditional Indian card game and that is why it is mostly available on online casino apps in India primarily. If you are looking to try your hand at the game, make sure you are aware that the chances of winning are slim but the amount of fun that you can have in this game is enormous. So, let’s check out the rules and regulations of playing the game on different websites or apps that you come across before you make the right decision.

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