6 NFL Betting Mistakes You Should Avoid Doing

We’re in the final weeks of the NFL season, and soon enough, the Super Bowl will arrive. We have some good news for you if you plan to win big in this NFL season. Whether you’re a complete newbie or an NFL betting veteran, you will inevitably make mistakes occasionally. We’re not perfect after all, but that’s completely normal.

If you don’t want to make the same mistakes again, you need to look more closely at your mistakes and learn from them. In this article, we will discuss some of the most common mistakes you can make in NFL betting and how to avoid doing them again in the future. Let’s start.

Betting Against the Spread Only on Huge Games

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If you want to be a regular winner in NFL betting, you need to take advantage of FanDuel NFL Lines other than the big ones. Focusing only on big games because of their value is a mistake because other lines can be more profitable. Just think about it: the bookies tend to have sharper lines in huge games because they know many people will be betting on it. This means you’ll find less favorable odds because the bookies are taking a very close look at the game.

However, in other games where people don’t pay much attention, the bookies tend to have less focus. This means that they will slip up sooner or later and have more favorable odds that you can take advantage of since they’re not paying much attention to the game. It’s about looking for an edge, and you can find them in less popular games in the NFL.

Betting with Bias


Since you’re a football fan, it’s only normal for you to have a favorite team. Cheering for them is always fun, but do you know what’s not fun? Losing bets because you had absolute faith in them, only to find out they lost. Bias has no place in NFL betting, as it tends to make you lose a lot of money. Bias can influence how you do NFL betting and of course, that’s a huge mistake. Instead, you must be prepared to bet against them if you think they will lose.

Also, you can use your knowledge about your favorite team and take advantage of it to make more educated bets. For example, if you’re a New England Patriots fan and they will play outside of their home field, you might want to bet against them on the moneyline. This makes sense because they are known to play badly on the road.

Ignoring Other Factors That Can Affect the Games

Plenty of other factors can affect the games, such as the weather, injuries, and the venue. The weather is a huge factor because it can adversely affect the players’ ability to play during the game. On the other hand, injuries also greatly impact a team, especially when the injured player is their ace.

When it comes to the venue, you should take note of whether the team is from the West or the East. West Coast teams usually have no difficulty going to the East since they’ll have more rest because the time is three hours long. Meanwhile, East Coast teams going to the west often struggle because the day is three hours shorter, prompting them to have less rest and a much worse jet lag.

Poor Bankroll Management

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This aspect of NFL betting is often undervalued because who, in all honesty, wants to talk about their bankrolls? It’s a boring topic but a very necessary one. Without proper bankroll management, your bankroll wouldn’t last long. We have a tip for you if you’re completely clueless about proper bankroll management.

You should establish a unit size for your bankroll. A unit size is the amount of money you bet on in games. Usually, the common unit size is 5% of your whole bankroll. That means that if you have $100, your unit size should be $5. It’s also recommended that you should only put 2-3 units in a single game. If you’re feeling lucky, you could increase it to 5 units.

Betting Only on Futures on the Favorites

If you want to profit, betting on futures is a great addition to your arsenal. However, it can be a trap, especially if you only bet on the favorites. When you look at futures betting, it seems obvious that the Super Bowl winner of the previous season should be your main bet.

But as mentioned earlier, this is a trap. In fact, from 2016 to 2020, the preseason division favorite was 18-22, which translates to .450 to win the division. Unless you have a reason, you should look closely at the favorites before betting on them.

Not Shopping for the Best Lines

Access to multiple sportsbooks is a great investment because it gives you a better chance for long-term success. How? This is because, in sports betting, even a single point matters. For example, you want to bet on the Seahawks for the plus money. Your current sportsbook is posting their odds at +135, but another book has them at +136.

Of course, if you’re smart, you’ll bet on the other sportsbook, but if you’re fully confident that the Seahawks will win, you can bet on both sportsbooks. By having multiple sportsbooks, you’re maximizing your profit. It may not seem like a big deal initially, but if you do this regularly, your bankroll will steadily grow since your single-point winnings will slowly stack up and go to the hundreds or even thousands.

Luckily for you, there are a lot of reputable sportsbooks online that you can pick from. Just pick a few nice ones, and you’re set, not to mention that if you take advantage of their promotions, you’ll get a nice boost to your winnings.

Final Words

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If you’re a smart bettor, you should consider avoiding these pitfalls that are very common in NFL betting. If you’re guilty of one of them, then let this be a wake-up call to stop doing it. By avoiding these mistakes, who knows? Maybe this will be your most profitable NFL season yet.

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