How to Bet on Football in 2024

Football is one of the most popular sports in the world. Football dominates everything: the sale of sports merchandise and souvenirs, the number of spectators in the stadium and in front of televisions, the number of loyal fans, which is why many players who are new to betting choose it to make their debut in betting. In order for betting on football to bring pleasure and some kind of financial gain, they must be done correctly.

What can you bet on


Bookmakers offer bettors a wide range of football bets. So, depending on the status of the match – for example, the Champions League final, World Cup games or the match for the European Super Cup, the number of markets can reach 1000. We will list the basic mural elements that are available to football bettors:

  • Bets on the outcome – bet on the result of the match after regular time. Players can bet not only on the victory of one of the teams, or a draw, but also bet on a double outcome: for example, the victory of the first team or a draw, the victory of the first or second team, the victory of the second team or a draw. Most bookmakers offer bets on the outcome with high quotes and low margins (compared to other markets). Some bookmakers may also offer bets on a strong-willed victory, the victory of one of the teams with a dry score, victory and total, victory and both score and other outcomes.
  • Betting on total (total over or total under) is another of the popular markets for betting on football. In other words, it is a bet on the number of goals in a match. However, you can bet not only on total goals, but also on the number of yellow cards, corners, etc. In addition, individual totals may be included in the list.
  • Handicap bets are presented in the form of a bet on the gap in the score between teams. The handicap can be expressed both in goals and other statistical indicators. Bettors can bet on the Asian and European handicap, and you can also bet on the main handicap. In addition, some bookmakers put additional handicap markets in the list, which allows you to diversify bets on football. Players can also bet on a zero handicap, which insures the outcome of the victory of the selected team.
  • Bet on the correct score – the player is invited to guess the result of the match while betting on the outcome. Such markets have high odds, which is due to the difficulty of guessing the exact score of the match.
  • Bets on statistics – lists that allow you to bet on corners, yellow cards, offsides, shots on target, removals, fouls, outs, etc. This also includes standard markets – handicap, total, outcome.

Choosing a bookmaker for betting on football


To avoid the risks associated with losing money, you need to bet on football at legal bookmakers (many of them cooperate with football clubs, and thus you can become a member of a unique promotion). The best football betting sites for bettors from the Middle East and North Africa are listed on When choosing a bookmaker, it is recommended to consider the following aspects:

  • Reliability of the bookmaker;
  • Odds offered by the bookmaker;
  • Line width;
  • Difficulty of identification;
  • Choice of payment methods;
  • Efficiency and quality of technical support;
  • Availability of bonuses and promotions;
  • Features of the bookmaker website and apps: match center, availability of mobile apps, broadcasts and animated infographics, etc.

Tips for beginners


Before betting on football, check out our tips for beginners. So, the first thing to do before placing a bet is to analyze the match you want to bet on:

  • Bet on games that take place at a convenient time for you;
  • The tournament, in which the teams participate, is widely covered in the media;
  • You have an idea about the strength of the playing teams, the capabilities of the players and can conduct a detailed analysis of the match.

When analyzing a duel, consider the following aspects:

  • Statistics of personal meetings.
  • Recent Team Results.
  • The amount of time to recover.
  • Injured and suspended players.
  • Tournament motivation of rivals.
  • News and rumors about the relationship in the team.
  • Referee stats.

Before betting on sports, keep in mind that no one knows how to consistently win on sports betting. You can read football predictions from experts, but each of the betting strategies has its drawbacks – analyze matches and also manage your bank wisely.

Experienced bettors use various bank management strategies when betting on football, which minimizes the risk of losing money due to losing a bet.

Some football betting strategies

There are many football betting strategies. Here are the most common:

  1. Arbitrage rates or “forks”. The essence of the strategy is to bet on opposite outcomes of the same match. In this case, the odds for both outcomes must be greater than 2 in order to ensure a win for any outcome.
  2. Classic catch-up. Following this strategy when betting on football, the bettor doubles the bet after each subsequent loss.
  3. Another strategy that allows you to compensate for losses from unsuccessful football bets. A flat is a bet with a fixed amount, regardless of the odds and the bank at a particular moment.
  4. Oscar Grind Strategy. Another tactic from experienced players. The bettor, following it, plans the percentage of profit from several bets, saves the bet size in case of failure, and doubles it when entering before the betting cycle closes. Note that the cycle is open until a profit is made from the bet.

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