5 Air Conditioner Sizing Tips And Mistakes To Avoid

When selecting the type and brand of air conditioners, it is very significant to pay attention to sizing. Properly determining the dimensions and position of the air conditioner is important, not only because of the area it will cool – but also because it can affect energy consumption, proper cooling, heating, and the health of you and your family.

Choosing An Air Conditioner: Why Do We Make Mistakes?


The summer is on its way, and you are already thinking about how to cool down efficiently? You may have considered buying an air conditioner, but you were always put off by the large selection and lack of information. Although the appearance and principle of operation have changed over the years – today, they are affordable to users, and thus the popularity of air conditioners has grown. However, no matter the fact we know almost everything about it – we are often prone to make some typical mistakes when choosing. We are especially prone to make mistakes when it comes to the size of air conditioners. First of all, we need to clarify that when we talk about the size of air conditioners – we mean the power expressed in BTU. You can check out this article by LK Brothers to understand more about aircon BTU. OK, you’ll say – but which one to choose then, and how? Most people do not consider the key factors that affect the efficiency of air conditioners when choosing. Then it happens that even if you choose larger size – the air conditioner still does not cool or heat well enough. Therefore, we will point out some sizing tips that can be useful when buying.

How To Determine The Size Of Air Conditioners For Your Space?

The size, that is, the capacity of the air conditioner is determined based on several parameters. Given the different positions, the orientation of space and rooms, insulation, purpose, and arrangement of furniture in the space – requires an individual approach to the choice of air conditioning and especially about the choice of position for installation of indoor and outdoor units. You should also keep in mind the dimensions of the space, its shape, and purpose, the position and natural light of the space – as well as some other factors. Here are some things to keep in mind to avoid common mistakes.

1. The size of the air conditioning device should correspond to the size of the space for which it is intended


To know which air conditioner is needed for a certain space – it is necessary to make a thermodynamic calculation of the space. This calculation has to include several very important parameters.

  • The size of the space
  • Purpose of space (daily or working)
  • Number of persons residing in the area
  • Position of space, insulation of walls, size of glass surfaces
  • Whether the appliance is used only for cooling or for cooling and space heating

There are also easier ways to determine the size, that is the power of the air conditioner. One of the ways is the range between the BTU and square footage that needs to be cooled. However, according to acservicesmaui.com, in some cases, this is not precise enough due to some other factors – such as poor space insulation, etc. Still, that can serve as a starting point before consulting an authorized air conditioner installing service.

2. Think about the purpose of space and air conditioning

If you want your living space air-conditioned – you should go for stronger power. You shouldn’t calculate with limited values because we need more comfort in the living space – and therefore, more power from the air conditioner. For example, in a room of 270 square feet, an air conditioner with a power of 9000 BTU is enough. However, sometimes it happens that due to various factors installers recommend 12000 BTU or more.

3. We mustn’t forget the location of the space we are cooling


This is also a very important factor for several reasons. Namely, a lot depends on the climatic conditions of the place where you live. What are the average temperatures in summer and winter, what is the humidity, etc? Also, if the space is south-facing with large glass walls – stronger power is needed depending on the surface of the glass wall and the amount of heating by solar energy.

4. Space insulation is a very important factor

It is a well-known fact that for poorer insulated living spaces with poor carpentry where heat losses are higher – we simply need to choose a higher power air conditioner. That way, we will try to compensate for losses. Therefore, experts on such issues often suggest a class of stronger air conditioning. As a rule, we make mistakes if the budget is limited. In such a case, it is way better to buy a stronger air conditioner from a weaker manufacturer – than less power from a top manufacturer. It is because a top air-conditioning brand will not meet your expectations due to poor insulation. So this way it will be a wasted investment.

5. Keep in mind the position of the outdoor air conditioning unit

We will achieve the best performance and lower power consumption if we place the outdoor unit under the balcony in an airy place and 6-16 feet away from the indoor unit. When cooling, the effect of air conditioning is higher with lower consumption – if the outdoor unit is in the shade in a cooler position. When heating, the best performance is achieved if the outdoor unit is placed in a warmer ventilated position. Places, where the wind blows directly into the outdoor unit fan, should be avoided – as it slows down the blower fan and reduces air conditioning efficiency. A larger distance between the indoor and outdoor unit also affects efficiency – and extends the time to establish full power at ignition. Click here for more information.

What Else Is Important?


The installation of air conditioners should be left to experienced craftsmen – that is, authorized service. This way, you will get reliable operation of your air conditioner, warranty coverage, and professional service – and you will avoid complications due to unprofessional installation.

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