Anand Ahuja Net Worth 2024

The fashion industry is continuously evolving. There have been a lot of famous people associated with it and one such personality is Anand Ahuja. This man founded his own fashion company and is quite a huge name now. Read on to find more information about him.

About Anand Ahuja

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Anand Ahuja is a famous fashion entrepreneur in the Indian scene. This 38-year-old runs a huge fashion brand called Bhane.

He’s named Managing Director in the Shahi Exports export house and he’s quite accomplished. He got a little more fame when the news of him dating Sonam Kapoor came out.

Early Life And Family

Anand Ahuja is a Delhiite, as he was born and brought up there. He grew up in the elite society of Jor Bagh and is one of three sons in the family. His father is Harish Ahuja who is a really famous entrepreneur and his mother’s name is Priya Ahuja.

His father is an entrepreneur and manages Shahi Exports Private Ltd. Anand Ahuja has two brothers Amit and Anant who are as well-educated as him.

He married the famous actress Sonam Kapoor in 2018 in a posh mansion in Mumbai. They actually had met in 2014 at an event hosted by a mutual friend Pernia Qureshi. They dated a few months after that before their marriage four years after that.

His Career And Major Milestones

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Anand Ahuja did his schooling in the American Embassy School, India and he graduated from the Wharton School of Pennsylvania in the USA. He has a lot of experience in finance management and even worked in the Deutsche Bank, Amazon, and Macy’s. He later returned to India and joined his family in the Business Development wing.

He had a keen knack for business development and this was exhibited when he set up his own fashion company called Bhaane in 2012. The annual revenue garnered by this company is $150 million.

He also founded India’s first-ever multi-brand sneaker company called VegNonVeg which got immensely popular. It clicked very well for him and contributed a lot to his net worth.

A Few Things You Didn’t Know About Anand Ahuja

He loves playing basketball and is a big supporter of the Los Angeles Lakers basketball team.

He now lives with his family in Golf Links, New Delhi which is one of the most expensive properties in New Delhi.

Net Worth

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His net worth is said to be approximately $650 million! This huge number arises because he manages Shahi Exports Pvt Ltd, owns Bhaane which is doing really well in the market, and owns attractive property.

The annual turnover of Shahi Exports itself is said $450 million. He loves sneakers and is said to have a great collection of them. He owns property in Notting Hill in London and it’s a lavish house.

He also is said to own a Toyota Fortuner, Audi R8, and a Ferrari Testarossa. This man sure is just getting started too, his net worth will see a huge increase in the coming years!

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