Are Facial Extractions Good For You?

Facial extractions are something that can bring you clearer skin. The cleaning of clogged pores on your face especially can help with dead skin cells and excess oil build up. Still the question arises, are these good for and for your face!?

So in this article we wanted to go through some of the biggest questions that you may have about the procedure:

Can a home extraction be good for your face?

So you are one of those who want to to sneeze and who can’t wait for the pimple to go away on it’s own. Yes a home extraction with steam and some essential oils can do you good, but usually it will hurt and you may damage and inflame your skin if you are not careful.

If you really can’t wait, here are some tips for those who want to pop that pimple at home:

Tips for popping pimples at home
  1. Wait out the pimple as if you do it too early, you won’t get it out. The more you wait, the easier it will come out and the chance for damage is lessened A visible white tip is always a good sign to pop that little guy.
  2. Blackheads should be extracted after showers when your pores open up. Blackhead strips can do the job pretty good if you need a quick clean up, but don’t over do it.
  3.  Always use something soft to pick them. Like cotton swabs or an tissue.
  4. Blood means you did it. Probably too much, but that should be it. Don’t do it more, because that will lead to damaged skin around the perimeter.
  5. Make sure you sanitize the wound and disinfect it with some micellar water or alcohol. Feel the sting and be sure that it won’t infect.

With that, let’s talk about the extraction procedure!

Do I need a a facial extraction for clearer skin?

Yes and no. You may think that using good skin products may be good enough but a quality face extraction is like no peeling cream you may have at home. If you keep your skin clear and have a good night and day routine which will leave your face smooth and clean, you may not need the procedure.

BUT, for anyone having issues with  clogged pores, excess sebum and those who are not so up to date with their routines, this can greatly fasten the process of cleaning up your skin. Blackheads will evaporate and if done right, you won’t have any side effects.

Does facials extractions leave scars?

If done incorrectly, yes it may leave scars and inflammation. Everything can leave harm if you do it wrong. Even a harsher peeling cream can leave a rash if you used it too much. We recommend going to a proven professional, that is the only way you can do this and be sure that your skin will stay in tact. You need to be aware that some things can’t be extracted, so you need that professional to guide you and really take care of your face.

Does the skin cleans itself on its own?

Yes! The skin is smart and it will clean up itself as much as it can. Normal skin will control the oil levels and it will heal itself. But, be it that your diet is affecting it, be it that you have some other issue, it may come into a pinch when removing dead skin cells and excess oil. You need to help your skin sometimes, with a nice peeling or an extraction. Some congestions can leave scars as the holes get bigger, so treat yourself.

Do I need regular face extractions after the first treatment?

4 to 10 weeks should pass between your sessions. Your skin should improve after sessions and you need to make sure that you follow carefully what your dermatologist suggests. If you have any supplements an cream that will improve the function of your skin, be sure to follow that.

Patients tells us that after multiple sessions, the skin becomes clearer and and it becomes easier to manage and clean by the patients on your own. Be patient and make sure to treat your face the right way.

What happens during the facial extraction treatment?

  1. Cleaning! Usually there comes a steamer that will open up your pores and a cream that will clean up the first layer of your skin.
  2. Then comes the extraction part. After this the professional picks spots that need to be widened and extracted. A needle is used to help the sebum and dead skin to come out. This is a very clean affair and the professional needs to make sure that he disinfects thorough the whole process. They will also choose which spots they may not want to touch as they may be inflamed and not ready for the extraction journey. They may also use a magnifying glass to really get in there.
  3.  A massage and some antiseptic. The massage will help the blood flow and to ease up any possible pain and swelling and the antiseptic to make sure that there is no bacteria present and to reduce any redness that may occur from the needle.

So with this we hope we brought you this treatment a bit closer and now you know how it works. Keep your skin in check, don’t squeeze too hard and have patience with your skin.

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