Tips For Taking Your Baby’s Passport Photo

Applying for a passport can be a nightmare. And when you add to the fact that it’s your child’s passport and not yours, the nightmare becomes 10 times worse.

Taking your child’s passport photo is one of the most difficult jobs in the world. If you have a newborn, you won’t be able to explain to them that they need to be calm to get a perfect picture. A newborn baby cannot hold its head straight and you can’t expect it to be still.

When we add to that list of nightmares that you have to meet all the required standards to get your image approved – things get worse. Even though you are having a panic attack just thinking about it, some things can make this process easier.

To make this process easy peasy lemon squeezy, we have a few tips for you!

1. Do The Work At The Store

This seems like perhaps the easiest way to do this task painlessly. Some places deal only with this service and are well acquainted with the required standards.

Some professionals know all the tricks to get your baby to look at the camera. However, another problem arises here when it comes to newborns. Regardless of all the tricks, due to too bright lighting, the newborn baby will not want to open his eyes.

As you already know, the eyes must be open in passport photos. Although these people will make sure to show you how to hold your child without getting into the photo, this is not the best option. Therefore, there are DIY methods that will do the job for you.

2. Create Good Lighting Conditions

If you decide to take photos in your home, you need to take care of the lighting. The quality of the photo depends on the equipment you have.

For example, if you want to use your new ring light, we have to warn you about one small detail. It will most likely be too bright for your child. That’s why we recommend daylight. You can install your setup near a source of natural light, such as a large window in your living room.

But remember that the lighting must be soft to avoid shadows on the child’s face, which are also undesirable.

3. Choose A Neutral Background

Passport photos must have a neutral background. Most often, we are talking about a background that is white or some other monochromatic neutral color. However, there are exceptions, such as Australia, with its grey-colored background.

If you have a small baby, we advise you to just put a sheet as a background. You can simply place it on the bed or the floor and take a photo from above. There is no rule for how the child should stand in the picture, such as there is for the child’s facial expression, but we will talk about that later.

And if your child is bigger than the size of the sheet, then quickly look for the most neutral wall in the house. No, you will not need to paint the wall if you do not have a wall color that would be suitable for this step. Some applications or websites perfectly take care of all that. All you have to do is search for them on Google.

A pink wall can become a white wall with a click over at AiPassportPhotos.

4. Use Aids

The fact is, it is very difficult to attract a child’s attention, so be creative.

You can use their favorite toys to make them look in the direction of the camera. It is enough to put the toy next to the camera lens and in the photo, it will look like a child is looking straight at you.

We believe that their little plush friend will help you keep their eyes open and look at the camera.

This does not mean that it would be desirable for the child to smile, actually quite the opposite.

Although this probably sounds like nuclear physics to you, you just need to make sure that the child’s expression is neutral.

A slight smile is fine, but a laugh is definitely not. You will almost certainly get denied if your child is laughing in the photo.

5. Planning Is Key

For your picture to turn out great, your child must be well-slept. Why?

Well, babies are in the best mood then. It’s an impossible mission to photograph them not yawning if they haven’t had enough sleep. And their eyes must be open, as we have already said.

So take advantage of every good moment when your child is in a good mood. Make sure that everything is arranged before the actual act so that you don’t waste time.

We believe that your baby will have more patience if the whole process lasts only 5 minutes and not an hour.

6. Keep Your Child Calm

Easier said than done, which is why we have prepared two tricks for you.

The photo must not show anything but the child, not even your hand holding it. That’s why you can, for example, use a pillow to support your head if your child is sitting in a chair.

The trick of wrapping the child in a blanket can also help so that at least his hands are still. And in order to make their eyes look at the camera – go back to tip number four!

7. Be Patient

Last but not least, the most important thing is for you to be patient. It’s no secret that your energy is transferred to the child. That’s why it’s important to stay calm and collected. Or at least give it a try.

This is not an easy process and to be completely honest few things are easy with children. If you see that your child is tired from posing, take a break. You can always continue afterwards.


We hope that you have learned something new and useful with these tricks. Parenthood is not an easy job at all, and that was proven once again when taking a passport photo. But in order to avoid stress and tears, you must prepare well.

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