Do Bad Players Affect Your Chances of Winning in Blackjack?

There are many reasons why this is one of the most popular games in casinos for such a long time. First of all, the odds are great for players, and you can expect nearly 50% chance to win in each turn. However, some skills and experience are necessary as well.

The common misconception is that players will choose this game only in land-based casinos, while most of them will look for some other options when playing online. However, Blackjack is quite popular on online platforms. Still, if you are interested in playing online, you have to be aware that choosing a reliable and well-known website is the most important thing. In that matter, check out Betsquare.

When it comes to the rules of this game, you should know that you are playing only against the dealer even though more people can play at the same table. There are players who think that other player’s actions can affect their chances, and we are going to analyze more about that in the following article.

Can Actions From Other Players Affect Your Game?


This has been a common belief for a long time, and many players think that they won’t win while sitting next to a player is that losing more often. For example, a player with a lack of experience and skills is constantly losing. However, that is more complex. In most cases, actions from other players won’t affect your game.

That is especially the case with bad players who are losing more often. You are still playing only against the dealer. The first thing that can be annoying when there is a bad player next to you is when you are too focused on his actions. For example, he had a chance to win, but made a bad move that lead to losing. While it can be frustrating, that doesn’t have anything with your cards.

Another potential issue with players who lack skills is that the game could last much longer. When they are not sure what to do, they will also push the time limit to the end, making you waiting for a much longer time for your turn.

On the other side, there are chances that some actions could directly interfere with your turn. For instance, you need a certain card in the next draw, while the player next to you can end the turn at the moment. For example, he has an 18 or 19. However, that player want to risk it all by expecting to get an ace, and really gets the one that you needed. That is a clear example of how someone can disrupt your game, but it is only related to luck even though it can be frustrating.

The key is that bad players won’t make any significant impact on your chances. There is always a way for others to disrupt your luck, like when they are getting cards that you need, but the opposite is possible as well. For instance, when a player gets a card that will ruin your turn, and you end up getting the right combination. In that matter, playing with others can be different than playing alone, but your chances will usually remain the same.

Should You Play Alone?


Even though we can hear a lot of stories about bad players disrupting the plans of others at the table, you have to check the stats on the long run. In this case, it does not matter how good or bad are players around you. This is still an individual game, and you only have to follow your strategy and limits.

Therefore, it is up to you and your preferences when it comes to choosing an empty table or one with players. Some people might find it annoying when they have to wait for others or watch how they are losing or winning, while taking needed cards at the same time. If that can make you nervous, you can simply choose an empty table or play online.

How To Win More Often?

As you can see, it is not so important whether you are playing alone or with others. A much more important thing is to have a clear plan while playing this game. The strategy is essential. Your odds will always the same no matter how much people are at the same table.

In that matter, you should learn more about different combinations and required actions related to your cards. For example, there are cases where you should stand, ask for another card, double, and more. When it comes to doubling, the great thing is that you can win twice as much if you get good cards. However, there are combinations where you should avoid this feature.

For example, when you get a pair of fives or sixes, it will require more luck to reach 21 in any of those two combinations. The best option to double is when you get a double tens. Also, two nines can be a decent option. When you get two aces, it is also a great solution to double and split your cards.

Moreover, the betting is crucial, and you should choose a plan according to your budget. Even though odds are great in this game, losing a couple of games in a row could empty your funds. In that matter, it is important to start with the right value. You style and preferences can affect that as well.

If you want to play for a longer time, and you don’t want to spend more than $100, there is no need to start with more valuable bets from the start. You can begin with only $5 per turn. Also, it is a great option to use a progressive strategy. For instance, start with $5, and then raise to $10 if you lose. You can do the same each time you lose, and then move back to the initial value once you win.

Last Words


Even though it can be annoying and sometimes can interfere with your luck, other players and their actions are not relevant for your game in the long run. Therefore, your preferences are the most important factor. If it is more difficult for you to focus around other players, then you should play alone.

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