The Best and Worst Odds in Popular Casino Games: A Gambler’s Guide

Best and Worst Odds in Popular Casino Games

All gambling games involve an element of luck, but there is a subset of games where the skill and experience of the player also play a significant role in determining the outcome of the game. However, in all types of gambling games, the house always has a built-in probability or odds in its favor.

As a result, the Return to the player (RTP) is always less than the amount wagered.

If you are the owner of a casino and wish to buy from a site like, you must know about the Return to the player for each machine. In other words, the odds or the chances that a player has when playing a game is a vital consideration not only for the player but also for the casino owners as it determines the profitability of the casino.

List Of Games That Have The Best Odds At A Casino

Best Odds At A Casino

Some games like Blackjack give the player a very high chance of winning. In such games, the player can register a win if he has a smart strategy. So here are some games that have the best odds of winning.


It is a card-based game which gives the player a whopping forty-nine percent chance of winning. This card game is played between the players and a dealer or the house. The player who gets the highest score without crossing twenty-one wins. Experienced players have a foolproof strategy where they decide on their next move based on the sum total of the previous cards in their deck.

For instance, if the player already has a high score, like seventeen or eighteen, and the dealer has a sum total of eleven, he will hit. This is because if a player plays beyond seventeen, he has a high chance of going beyond twenty-one. But in case the dealer has a sum less than six, the player has equal to ten or has an Ace he hits as it is an advantageous position for him.


Just like Blackjack, this too is a card-based game, and the odds depend on several factors like the number of players who are playing. Yet, if you are an experienced player, you can win consistently in the game of Poker. Each player is dealt a set of cards, and the one with the best set should ideally win. However, if players can bluff their opponents to fold, they can increase their chances of winning.

List Of Games That Favor The House More

In the first part of this article, you see that games like Blackjack and Poker, where skill also plays a part along with luck, give the player a good chance at winning. However, there are games like Roulette where the outcome depends purely on luck. And it has been found that the odds are less favorable to the players. Though there are a variety of such games, they are mostly the variants of the games described below.


Roulette odds

There are different versions of this game, but each version involves a rolling ball that is spun on a rotating disc. Thirty-seven pockets numbered one to thirty-six and zero are etched on the rotating table.

The ball eventually lands in any one of the thirty-seven pockets, and the person who has bet that number wins. Now, each player has a one in thirty-seven chance of winning, and yet the house edge is over 1.35%. In the case of American Roulette, the house edge may go over 5%, as in this case, 38 or 39 pockets are used by adding double zero and triple zero pockets. The chances of winning for a player go up to one in thirty-eight or thirty-nine.


This is also a card game where a player and the banker draw a card each, and whichever card is close to nine wins. Other players can put their money on either one of them, that is, the player or the banker. The odds in this game in favor of a player are as high as 44%. But in this case, the house has an edge (gross profit) of over 14.36%.

Slot Machines

In slot machines, you just pull on the handle or push the button, and a number is generated on the board. Now, the Random Number Generators are used to generate a truly random number. Modern machines use three or more reels consisting of numbers, symbols pa, patterns, etc., and the person with the right combination of numbers and symbols wins. Though the win depends on simple luck, the house edge in these games is very high.

The More You Play More You Loose

As the odds are always in favor of the house, whatever little amount it may be, the more time you spend in the casino the more you lose. For example, imagine you are playing Roulette and putting in only $10 each time, and play, say, 100 times during your stay; the house will benefit by an amount of $1000 multiplied by the house edge. It does not matter how many times you win or lose.


casino odds

One thing is for sure: very few players end up winning in gambling at casinos. The gambling houses are a type of commercial venture, and owners run them for profit. In every gambling game, there is always a built-in margin for the house. And the more time a customer plays, the more he loses. Gambling houses run different promotional campaigns to make your visit longer. They offer free drinks and snacks in physical casinos. Also, they offer bonuses in the form of free coupons to play.

All gamblers generally know they ultimately lose, and the casinos will profit. But to avoid boring and idle periods, they gamble to have some time for excitement. They don’t mind losing some money for the entertainment. But they should be aware of which games have more odds against them so they can avoid losing heavy amounts.

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