Best Casino Games In Video Games

There are those who get off the thrill of playing live games in the casinos, and then others who feed off the excitement of enjoying card or table options via their gaming system. Whether in real life or on your computer screen, these are fun and interesting to play. In fact, casino video games are the next best thing to live counterparts, just that you don’t make earnings from them.

For many gambling lovers, video games that feature casinos are a good alternative because while playing live options will require a deposit, these video games are free. Though there are still people who’ll rather visit CZ Casino Online like for the best online casino platforms to play on with real money and enjoy casino bonuses, video games featuring gambling can also be a great pastime. Trust us when we say the thrill won’t be any less. It’s just a different setting.

People want to know the recommended video games to play. In the same way, they are willing to learn about how they can play and win to improve your experience. Choosing the best from the sheer number available can be a hassle. At this point, we know you’re eager to know what the best casino games in videogames are. The good news is we have quite the list for you. Let’s take a look.

Casino Inc


Suppose you’re an ardent player with a bias for these games. In that case, you must have heard of Casino Inc. Technologically, it is superior to many other options, but it’s a players’ favorite because it offers features that greatly appeal to gamblers. The game entails building a gambling establishment and stocking it with different titles that will attract players. The player is also tasked with recruiting managers and administrators to help with running the establishment. Example of these options you can play on Casino Inc includes blackjack and poker. The player can also provide side attractions that will keep the attention of the customers.


  • Single-player video game
  • Business simulation and strategy niche
  • Compatible with Microsoft Windows
  • 3D graphics

Prominence Poker


This is the perfect recommendation if you have a soft spot for poker. Only this time, you’re not playing it in hotspots like online casino but on your PC via your console. The game’s setting is Prominence City, a territory built by notorious individuals. As a player, your task is to make your way out, which can only be achieved by facing four factions. The final showdown in the game is with a character known as The Mayor, the founder of Prominence City. Ironically, your last opponent will be a constant presence in it and will only come out of the shadows at the ending stage. It’s a very popular casino title worldwide, and there are even recognized champions of this.


  • The game has both single-player and multiplayer options.
  • There are tournaments, daily challenges, ranking modes, and regular events.
  • It’s compatible with Microsoft Windows. Xbox One. and PlayStation 4.

IGT Slots Paradise Garden

Fancy slots? This is the game for you. Players can choose from 15 realistic-looking slot machines that sound like actual pokies. Some of them include favorites such as Fish in a Barrel, 100 Wolves, Fire Rubies, Desert Spirit, Gold Bar 7, etc. Players can also choose between two modes. The first one is a career that is more serious and competitive, while another is free play style, making it laid-back. At first, the game may leave you stumbling in the dark, but within a short while, you’ll understand how it works.


  • The game has two modes – career and free-play mode.
  • It’s compatible with macOS and Microsoft Windows.

Super BlackJack Battle


Blackjack fans gather here. The amazing thing about this game is that it doesn’t matter whether you’re a newbie or a professional. Anyone can play this. The second Turbo Edition has to do with a dozen characters that are vying for the title of the greatest blackjack player in history. It has a rich background story that’s rooted in crime. The final showdown is against The Godfather, which gives it a striking similarity to Prominence poker. The beauty of this casino game is that its storyline comes with a twist that will be revealed later on. It has ten different background stories to select from.


  • It can be played in either single-player or multiplayer mode.
  • This game is compatible with more devices than the other counterparts on the list. You can play Super Blackjack Battle on Android, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, iOS, and Microsoft Windows.

Jackpot Poker


When it comes to casino games in the Poker niche, this has to be the most popular one of all. It has a great selection of tables from PokerStars. The beauty of this title is that you’re not restricted to playing poker, as different tables have various players and casino games. It has three tournaments where gamblers can win several times their first wager. Jackpot Poker comes with exciting rewards such as daily payout and free chips. This title is home to Go Jackpot and Fast Format Spin tournaments.


  • This game is compatible with Android OS and Microsoft Windows.
  • It is played in multiplayer mode.
  • Jackpot Poker is free to play.


The casino games on this list are some of the best you can find, no matter which platform or genre you prefer. Whether it’s poker, slots, or blackjack that tickles your fancy, you can find a suitable option for your needs. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and start playing.

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