The Bitcoin Billionaires: A Look at the Wealthiest Crypto Investors

We are all aware that cryptocurrencies have become highly popular in the world over the past decade. Even though there are so many different available cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin is leading the way as the most famous digital currency. As the value of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is rising, we can notice that there are new waves of investors ready to benefit from this opportunity.

A lifetime opportunity of this kind can bring significant wealth, that is for sure. If you are interested, you can find out more about trading platform that can bring a wealth of this kind to you as well. However, you are probably wondering who are those people which lives have been changed due to the investment in Bitcoin. Many people are now known as Bitcoin billionaires, and now we will take a look at their lives and find out more about their path to fortune.

Changpeng Zhao


Changpeng Zhao, that is globally known as CZ, is the founder and CEO of Binance. This is the leading global platform for crypto trading. With his ownership of at least 70% of Binance, CZ is not only the richest person in crypto but also the 19th wealthiest person if we are looking worldwide, according to Forbes. You will not believe it, but Binance facilitated around two-thirds of all centralized crypto trading volume last year, and this is valued at $16 billion. As a result, Forbes has increased CZ’s wealth evaluation from $1.9 billion to such a high amount. Despite his Binance holdings, Changpeng Zhao also possesses a portion of Bitcoin and an unknown amount of BNB, which are Binance’s native tokens. Binance has plans to make a significant investment in the company Forbes.

Brian Armstrong


Brian Armstrong is the founder of Coinbase. He led the crypto exchange to a significant level that resulted in an incredible valuation of $100 billion. Although the market capitalization has decreased since then, Armstrong’s 19% stake still places him as the third wealthiest individual in the crypto digital world. He is just a gay known for his simple T-shirts and bald appearance. However, this 39-year-old also made a high-profile purchase of a Bel-Air villa for $133 million, one of the most expensive residences in Los Angeles.

Gary Wang


Before he launched into the crypto industry, Wang worked as a software engineer at Google, contributing to the development of Google Flights’ online booking platform. Now, he is a co-founder and chief technology officer of the popular FTX. He launched the crypto exchange back in 2019, along with the Bankman-Fried. Wang holds a 16% stake in FTX’s global business, and he even possesses FTT tokens worth over $600 million. He studied mathematics and computer science at MIT, which was very beneficial for his future and the moves he made later in life.

Cameron Winklevoss and Tyler Winklevoss


They are famously known for their conflict with Mark Zuckerberg over Facebook. This happened when they converted their $65 million settlement into actual crypto wealth. Even though there was conflict, they made a smart move that brought them a lot of money. The fact is that each of the twin brothers possesses crypto fortunes worth around $4 billion. They started the journey with bitcoin investments in 2012, and since then, they have diversified their digital assets by acquiring other cryptocurrencies and establishing the crypto exchange Gemini. Despite the mentioned, it is worth saying that they also own Nifty Gateway. This is a unique digital art auction platform that gained a high reputation during the NFT trend. However, the platform faced a lawsuit from art collector Amir Soleymani, who accused Nifty Gateway of changing its terms of sale. Nifty Gateway, on the other hand, claims that Soleymani owes them $650,000.

Song Chi-Hyung


He is the founder of Upbit, which is popular South Korea’s leading crypto exchange. Over the years, this person has capitalized on the country’s booming $46 billion crypto market. Song Chi-Hyung is estimated to own approximately a quarter of Upbit’s company. This portion was valued at $17 billion in November. Also, his company attracted attention when Hybe, which is the agency behind K-pop sensation BTS, received a 2.5% stake in the company.

Barry Silbert


One more person that becomes highly wealthy thanks to Bitcoin is Barry Silbert. He is the founder of Digital Currency Group (DCG), and through the years, he has established a crypto empire. DCG’s investment firm, Grayscale, contains over $28 billion in crypto assets. Under the Barry’s control is also a CoinDesk crypto news company. DCG has invested in more than 200 crypto startups which is truly a high number, and many would think that this is a risky step, but it was not. Before launching into the crypto world, Barry Silbert was an investment banker and entrepreneur who successfully sold his stock trading platform in 2015, called Second Market, to Nasdaq.

Jed McCaleb


Jed McCaleb earned a significant portion of his current wealth through his involvement with Ripple Labs and the XRP cryptocurrency project. He founded this project 11 years ago, in 2012. However, he left the project very quickly because he had lots of disagreements with other members of the team, even with Chris Larsen. At that point, he decided to focus on a separation agreement with Ripple Labs. His goal was to sell a substantial amount of his XRP holdings periodically. Now, he is a founder and director of Stellar, which is one more digital currency known worldwide.

Devin Finzer and Alex Atallah


These two are popular as the founders of OpenSea company. However, it is interesting that Devin Finzer and Alex Atallah are playing a crucial role when it comes to the NFT market. More precisely, they are responsible for the big popularity of NFT. The OpenSea company has a peer-to-peer purpose which means that this is a company for creating, buying, and then selling these non-fungible tokens. Initially, this duo became a part of the Y Combinator accelerator program in 2018. They delivered a special concept of encouraging individuals to share their Wi-Fi hotspots by using cryptocurrency. But when they have discovered the true potential of NFTs, they become highly focused on building a marketplace for these digital assets. Within only six months, OpenSea’s valuation went from $1.5 billion to $13.3 billion, which is incredible.

These individuals, along with many others in the crypto space, have accumulated significant wealth through their involvement in various cryptocurrency projects, exchanges, and platforms. Their influence and fortunes continue to grow as the crypto industry expands and gains mainstream recognition.

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