What To Look For When Buying A Record Player

Even if technology has improved and there are MP3, CDs, etc., record players are still essential because nothing can replicate the sensation of holding a vinyl record, inserting it into the record player, and then fully immersing yourself in the music. Or these vinyl hold sentimental importance for some people. Therefore, keep a few things in mind if you are looking for a record player. Also, you can also visit online stores such as https://electromarket.co.uk/ to get the best deals on vinyl players.



A record player’s sound quality is one aspect you should never skip. But how can you assess the audio quality? The materials, the audio components, and the stylus—or, to put simply, the needle—determine the sound’s quality. The powerful players frequently have a huge frame. Therefore, choose a vinyl player with a larger body if you want one that can fill the room with music. There are also premium models available that feature top-notch components and deliver the best possible sound.


The size and speed of the record player are two factors to consider when purchasing one. You are aware that the vinyl spins. Different speeds at which it rotates are measured in RPM or rotations per minute. Different vinyls have varying RPM speeds. You should constantly seek out players with a changeable speed. So that you can modify it whatever you like. Additionally, consider the size to see if your records will fit in it. There are 45RPM and 7-inch players as well; however, 33RPM and 12-inch are the most typical speed and sizes.


If you travel frequently and want to take your record player with you, you must choose whether it is portable or not. Not just for travel, it is also feasible that you would want to move it from one room to another or take them to a party. However, if it is not transportable, it can be a problem. Therefore, you should always use a portable one. There are foldable locks on portable players, which make it simple to fold and store them in a bag. In fact, you can search for wireless in addition to portability. It’s the ideal combo to have a wireless and portable player. The best part with these wireless ones is they use rechargeable batteries.



Your budget typically determines the type of record player you want. Greater features and attributes correspond to higher budgets. However, that doesn’t imply that there aren’t any affordable solutions. You can buy what you desire within your means, but only after doing extensive research. The greatest thing you can do if money is tight is to compare players from several brands that fall within your price range and then choose the best one. Even though you have a limited budget, you should not attempt to purchase the used one. The major issue with used models is that you might not know how much maintenance they would require in the future. You can also find many excellent players at reasonable prices if you are a beginner.

Automatic vs Semi-Automatic vs Manual

The turntable can be either fully automatic or manually operated. Many record player enthusiasts prefer the manual model because they value the authenticity and sensation of changing the vinyl. Nevertheless, it all depends on personal preference. Some people have the misconception that automated ones may impact the sound quality, but this is untrue. The greatest option for newbies is actually the automatic players. It could be challenging for a novice to position the pin in the vinyl carefully. The automatic one saves the day here because there is a danger of scratching the vinyl. Similar to automated turntables, semi-automatic turntables also automatically halt operation at the end of a record. If you’re an expert, choose the manual turntable and get hands-on experience.

Upgradation And Maintenance Cost

Purchasing a record player is one thing, but keeping it in working order is another. You will eventually need to repair or improve the player while it is in use. This is not a problem; the problem arises when you must do this regularly. Upgrades and repairs are expensive; if you have to perform them frequently, they will cost you a lot. If you’re on a tight budget, this could cause you problems. When purchasing, you must research to determine whether or not the player replacement parts are expensive. Additionally, upgrades improve the musical experience, but you should also consider the price.

Additional Accessories

If you are getting more accessories along with the player, then it’s like a win-win situation for you. Always inquire whether the record player comes with extra accessories when hunting for one. These can include extra needles, allowing you to replace your broken one without buying a new one in the unlikely event that it breaks. Additionally, it’s crucial to keep your records free of dust. Therefore it’ll be best if you also purchase a dust cover for your player. Additionally, you must purchase a cleaning set for the record player and vinyl, but if you get one along with the player, you will avoid going to the store and save money.


You must also consider where to place the record player when you get it. The player’s position and support are crucial factors. Keep your vinyl player free from vibrations by keeping it away from speakers and ensuring the surface where you place it is at a perfect level. You can install it on a wall, but make sure it is securely fastened. With proper location and support, your player will perform considerably better.

Final Thoughts


You now know what to look for when purchasing a vinyl record if you’re a fan. The vinyl will never go out of style; that much is certain. Although in today’s age, when everything is getting digital, vinyl still holds a particular place. Therefore, take note of all the advice provided above and choose the ideal record player for you.

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