Can Chip Tuning Damage Your Engine – 2024 Guide

It is common for car enthusiasts to apply various changes to their vehicles and improve their visual and technical characteristics. Adding new parts that will improve the design will make the drivers feel much better on the road, but the feeling is even greater when you can feel improved performances.

However, the main issue is that technical changes often require a lot of money, while many options are not legal as well. Therefore, it is not a surprise that chip tuning is so popular these days since it is affordable and very effective.

The key feature is that it can improve performance while decreasing the consumption of gas. The most important thing when you are looking to install this device in your car is to find a reliable service, like the one that you can check here.

Also, it is essential to learn more about different types of chips that you can install, and how they can affect your vehicle. The most common question drivers have is whether it could damage the car in any way. We are going to analyze more about this topic in the following article.

Main Features

Even though it is very popular and many people have heard about it, the fact is that there are many misconceptions, while a lot of drivers are not sure about the abilities of this type of upgrade. The simple explanation is that this device can improve certain functions of the engine where it will get a higher speed and acceleration while lowering the gas requirements at the same time.

The benefits are a higher power, better efficiency, cleaner engine, and reliability. However, not all vehicles are suitable for these changes, which is the main reason why some people are facing problems. That is another reason to always choose only well-known car shops.

What Are the Risks?

As we already mentioned, the model of the car can be very important when you are interested in making these changes and applying the device. When you have a car in good condition, and the installment is provided by experts, there are no reasons to worry about facing any technical issues. However, the standard power of the engine is very important.

For example, it is never recommended to use this option if you are driving a small city vehicle. It won’t add much to the power, while you are increasing the risks for some problems at the same time. The reason for that is related to the structure of these cars.

They are not made to handle higher speeds, and while the engine won’t be directly damaged by the chip, higher speed and acceleration might lead to much faster breaking of certain parts. The best solution for this option is when you have a car with an engine that is at least 2.0. Also, we have to add that you can make these changes to both diesel and petrol engines.

Moreover, you have to be aware that servicing had to be done more often after you install the device. The reason is that some parts might require less time to get worn off. Also, the fact is that it will accelerate much faster, and if you force your car more often, it will also increase the chance of facing different types of malfunctions. Therefore, if you decide to apply it, be sure to focus more on the condition of your car, and visit car shops more often.

It can affect other parts besides the engine as well. For instance, you might need better wheels due to increased acceleration. Also, the battery will need more power to handle the added device. On the other hand, if you are responsible and take good care of your vehicle, it will reach even higher durability and reliability with the upgrade.

If you are familiar with car servicing, you can install this system on your own, which is even more beneficial since you will save more money that way. On the other side, keep in mind that it might lead to losing the warranty on the chip. In some cases, if your car is still under the brand warranty, you might lose it after installing the upgrade.

The only way to secure only benefits is to be sure to get the right device for the engine and hire a professional who will change the digital setting where your vehicle can respond to these changes. Trying to save some money by hiring someone with a lack of experience, or buying the device on unreliable stores might lead to serious issues.

While it can significantly reduce consumption, the most important thing is still the way your drive your car. If you are forcing the gas pedal all the time, you cannot expect any significant signs that the consumption is lower. However, if you keep driving the car by following certain limits and not pushing the pedal to the bottom all the time, the consumption can be lowered by around 20%. This makes it an excellent investment as well.

Last Words

As you can see, the way you treat your vehicle is still the most important thing, even after you decide to apply these upgrades. It can lead to dangers and increased risks of malfunctions only if you are forcing and testing the new performances all the time. The fact is that if you only install the device without making additional changes to some other parts, they will become more prone to malfunction.

On the other side, if you are not forcing your car too much, installing only this device will make it more agile and fast, while you will also spend less money on gas. Driving will become more comfortable since the engine will be more reliable. It can be great in urban and crowded areas where you need to brake all the time. Most cars will spend more gas in these conditions, and this device will make it more affordable to drive your car in urban areas, while you will also control it much easier.

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