Carine Roitfeld’s Excercise Routine

Have you ever wonder how Carine Roitfeld (former Editor-in-Chief of Vogue Paris) get her cardio exercise?

Well, recently, she disclosed her exercise routine. Not only she revealed the secret about the good health over the years, but strong mental as well which is very important as well.

Workout of Choice


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Carine said that the fashion and ballet fit together as two sides of the coin. It helps to achieve the harmony, it relives you from stress and it creates the appearance of oneself. It is good for all types of people.

Famous Model she turn into this type of workout

She was very excited to learn out that Gigi Hadid started ballet because of her.

How long has she been involved in the ballet

She admitted that she was not fond of the ballet when she was a young girl. She started it at a very young age, while she was 6 years old, and basically, she was persuaded not to say forced to go to ballet lessons. However, it was a good thing to do, so at the end, it was a good thing she was forced to do this.

At the time, there were some strict standards of posture and elegance. She had to keep her chin up all the time. This type of the discipline was the thing that attracted her the most to ballet. As for everything you do, there is no easy way, it is all about how much you want to achieve something – the willpower.

The benefit is not just the physical


Her emotions evolved through the ballet. You need to be focused as every single step and gesture needs to be pulled of with the perfection, grace and smile. This is what she likes the most. The essential part is to hide the pain. The aim of the ballet is to draw the attention to the natural beauty. The beautiful thing about the ballet is that the dancers have the great power of transformation into something beautiful in front of you. When she practices, her main motivation is to always look up.

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