Charles Milander Reveals The Key Components of a Motivational Speech

A lot of people don’t realize it, but, being able to hole a motivational speech is similar to having superpowers, mostly because it can allow you to completely change the lives of the people listening to you. However, according to Charles Milander, in order to become an amazing motivational speaker, one must first learn and explore all the possibilities of the craft.

So, what does it take to become a motivational speaker? Are there some key components to giving a motivational speech? There are only some of the questions people have for Milander, and luckily, he had no issue with sharing how he manages to captivate his listeners. Here are the key components of a motivational speech according to Charles Milander:

1. It Must Be Centered Around One Message

Do you know that there are studies that concluded that most individuals forget over 75% of a speech when they hear it for the very first time? Because of this, you should build your motivational speech on one message, and more importantly, you must remind your audience – at the beginning, middle, and end – what that message is since doing so will help them remember what you’re talking about for months to come.

For instance, Milander opted for talking about how it’s okay to fail in one of his speeches, meaning that it’s okay for you to sometimes make mistakes and learn from them. He suggested that people shouldn’t be afraid of the mistakes they’ve made, instead, they should take them in, explore them, and learn how they can avoid making them in the future. He also emphasized that this particular message works for all aspects of life, including business, relationships, and life in general.

If you want to expand on this, you should definitely check where he talks about it in more detail.

2. Using Social Media Platforms is Crucial

One of the things that Charles cannot stress enough is the importance of being present on various social media platforms. He reveals that it’s crucial that you start with the largest platforms out there – e.g. Twitter and Facebook – and also, he added that you shouldn’t try using all the platforms available. Instead, his advice is that you should develop a plan, think about the websites that might be the most beneficial for your promotion, and from there, you’ll be able to develop a suitable strategy.

Why is being present on the largest social media platforms important? Well, according to Milander, it’s simple to understand – you can gather a lot of data including the one revolving around your audience, and more importantly, their engagement with the content you opt for posting. If you don’t have this information, Charles says that you won’t be able to build your brand, mostly because you won’t be able to create content that your followers actually want to see.

3. Think About Creating Slides

Another thing that Milander mentions is that you should never write your speeches on slides, instead, you should create them after you’re done writing and reviewing your speech. For instance, you should first write down the long version of the topic you’ll be discussing and from there, you can create slides for each important point. And, don’t forget, the goal of each part of the speech needs to be precise and should be presented in at least three sentences.

4. Think About Monetizing Your Work

If there is one piece of advice that you should remember from Milander, it’s the advice that you should try and monetize the work you’re doing. After all, as a business motivational speaker, you’ll help people learn how they can achieve their goals and ambitions, thus, you could try monetizing your speeches. Now, we aren’t talking about charging a lot of money for people to hear you speak, instead, we’re talking about social media monetization.

For instance, if you’re interested, you could use some social media websites such as Instagram and Facebook for generating sales, and if so, you should know that you can learn a lot about this from Milander. He can help you understand how to use the data you gather, but more importantly, he can teach you how to create different strategies that’ll lead to you generating sales through the content and services you provide to your audience.

5. Interaction is The Key

Technically speaking, this isn’t something that all motivational speakers have to do, however, according to Milander, if you want to get to know your listeners and audience – the people who are actually interested in learning from you – it’s important for you to engage with them. Again, this isn’t a requirement for motivational speakers, but it might be beneficial for your job in some other, more important ways.

For instance, by spending some time with your audience, you’ll make them feel like you care about what they have to say, and more importantly, what they say can be implemented in your speech making strategy, later on, meaning that you can make them more special, as well as fitting for a specific audience. Milander cannot stress how important this is, thus, you should make sure that you spend some time with your listeners.

6. You Must Be Careful About Your Speed And Tone

The last piece of advice Charles has to give to all up-and-coming motivational speakers is that they must be careful about the tone, as well as the speed of their speaking. Now, it can be quite easy to forget to control these important things, however, if you want people to truly listen to what you have to say and if you want them to easily follow your words, you must make sure that you’re always careful about your tone and speaking speed.

This basically means that it’s not all about what you want to convey, it’s also how you convey it to people. This is why Milander mentions that you should practice your speech several times before actually standing in front of the audience. Additionally, he says that it might be good for you to record yourself and listen to it later on so that you can hear what areas you might have to change or improve before speaking publicly.


Being a motivational speaker can transform the lives of hundreds of people and if you want to make sure that you’re doing everything as you should, you should definitely keep the advice of Charles Milander in mind. Not only will this help you with crafting amazing speeches that people will actually remember, but by doing so, you can also ensure that people remember what you’ve been talking about and use it in real-life situations.

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