12 Coffee Shops Where You Might Just Spot a Celebrity

If you’re an avid coffee connoisseur and celebrity-spotter, you’re in for a treat. There are coffee shops globally frequented by stars who enjoy a good cup of joe. Let’s explore 12 coffee shops where you might bump into your favorite celebrity.

1. Alfred Coffee, Los Angeles

Source: thelinehotel.com

LA is the home of Hollywood stars, and one place where they love to hang out is Alfred Coffee. With its chic interior and “But first, coffee” slogan, Alfred Coffee is a haven for caffeine enthusiasts. Celebrities such as Dakota Johnson, Emma Roberts, and Jake Gyllenhaal have been spotted sipping their lattes here. Remember to try their famous macchiato if you happen to visit.

2. Gratitude Café, Beverly Hills

Source: la.eater.com

This trendy café in Beverly Hills attracts health-conscious celebrities due to its unique menu. Gratitude Café is a 100% organic plant-based restaurant that offers some of the most innovative coffees and health drinks. Stars like Ariana Grande, Vanessa Hudgens, and Kendall Jenner are regulars here.

3. La Colombe, New York City

Located in the heart of SoHo, La Colombe is a favorite spot for NYC-based celebrities. They serve high-quality, fair-trade coffee and have a simple yet cozy ambience. Celebrities such as Jonah Hill and Leonardo DiCaprio have been seen enjoying their brews here. You might not see the “Titanic,” but you could spot its star!

4. Blue Bottle Coffee, San Francisco


Blue Bottle Coffee is a must-visit destination in San Francisco, and not just for its fantastic coffee. Known for its minimalist interior and artisanal coffee, Blue Bottle is a favorite amongst Silicon Valley’s tech crowd and celebrities like Ryan Reynolds and Jessica Alba. Their New Orleans iced coffee is a crowd favorite.

5. Caffe Luxxe, Malibu

Source: youtube.com

Overlooking the Pacific Ocean, Caffe Luxxe is a luxurious spot where you might run into celebrities like Halle Berry or Gerard Butler. The café offers a stunning view, delicious pastries, and exquisite coffees. Their artisan blends and single-origin coffees are worth a try.

6. Dinosaur Coffee, Los Angeles Situated in Silver Lake

Source: la.eater.com

Dinosaur Coffee is a minimalist coffee shop popular among the hip crowd, including celebrities. It’s a prime spot to find stars such as Natalie Portman, Ellen Page, and Keanu Reeves kicking back with a latte or an expertly brewed pour-over. The coffee shop is known for its knowledgeable baristas and unique coffee concoctions that are sure to make your taste buds dance.

7. Blenz Coffee, Vancouver

Blenz Coffee, Vancouver Vancouver is not just about beautiful landscapes; it’s also home to several film studios and celebrities. Blenz Coffee, a Canadian franchise, attracts the likes of Hugh Jackman, Blake Lively, and Ryan Gosling. With their friendly atmosphere and locally sourced beans, it’s no surprise that this coffee shop is a favorite among stars and locals alike.

8. Grounded, New York City


Grounded, located in the West Village, is a cozy coffeehouse with an extensive menu that includes a myriad of organic coffee and tea options. It’s often frequented by A-listers like Julia Roberts, Hugh Grant, and Anne Hathaway. Be sure to try their signature Honey Nut Latte for a treat that’s as delightful as a celebrity sighting.

9. The Mill, San Francisco

Source: studio-bba.com

San Francisco’s The Mill is a cool hangout where you may casually bump into the likes of Mark Zuckerberg or Instagram’s Kevin Systrom. Celebrities such as James Franco and Zooey Deschanel have also been known to stop by. The Mill, known for its artisanal toast and exceptional Four Barrel Coffee, offers a relaxed and inviting atmosphere where everyone feels like a VIP.

10. Java Joe’s, Des Moines

Source: desmoinesregister.com

Though a little off the beaten path, Java Joe’s in Des Moines, Iowa, is a gem worth mentioning. During election season, it becomes a hot spot for political celebs, including presidential hopefuls and news pundits. Figures like Anderson Cooper and Rachel Maddow might just be having their caffeine fix next to you. Their coffee? As noteworthy as their clientele.

11. Joan’s on Third, Los Angeles

Source: lamag.com

Joan’s on Third is more than just a gourmet marketplace; it’s a social hub for celebrities who appreciate good coffee and food. Situated in the heart of LA, this place is often buzzing with A-listers looking to grab a quick bite or relax with a rich, aromatic cup of coffee.

Celebrities like Jessica Alba, Nicole Richie, and Selena Gomez have been spotted here, adding to the star-studded appeal. The cafe’s laid-back vibe and casual chic decor make it a comfortable place for stars to unwind. From the counter-service dining to the exceptional coffee selection, it’s easy to see why this is a hot spot among the well-known.

When you visit, make sure to try their iced vanilla latte – it’s a customer favorite. Whether you’re on a quick coffee run or planning a leisurely brunch, Joan’s on Third promises a delightful experience and a potential celebrity encounter.

12. Ninth Street Espresso, New York City

Source: ninthstreetespresso.com

Hidden in the heart of the Big Apple, Ninth Street Espresso is a beacon for coffee lovers, including celebrities. Renowned for its minimalist interior and emphasis on quality, this coffee shop has become a go-to for actors like Daniel Day-Lewis and Julianne Moore when they’re in the city.

The shop’s owner, Ken Nye, was a pioneer in bringing the third wave coffee movement to New York, and his passion for coffee craftsmanship shines through in every brew. With a select but carefully curated menu, Ninth Street Espresso focuses on delivering a fantastic coffee experience in each cup.

If you find yourself in New York, pay a visit to Ninth Street Espresso. Enjoy an espresso or a flat white in this serene setting, and don’t be surprised if you notice a familiar face at the next table.

It’s exciting to visit these spots, hoping for a celebrity sighting.

However, the true star at these locations is undoubtedly the coffee. These coffee shops have managed to create a perfect balance between atmosphere, customer service, and, most importantly, quality brews.

Ever wondered how these cafés manage to serve such great coffee? The secret lies in their choice of espresso machines.

Many renowned coffee shops, including giants like Starbucks, use top-quality espresso machines to ensure the best coffee for their customers. To understand more about the espresso machines that big brands use, make sure to visit this page.

These coffee shops offer more than just a chance to spot a celebrity. They provide a rich coffee experience that will make you appreciate the art of coffee making. Whether it’s the coffee culture of Los Angeles or the buzz of New York City, these shops offer unique experiences in each cup.

So, the next time you’re in any of these cities, make sure to stop by one of these coffee shops. You never know, your favorite celebrity might just be at the next table, enjoying their cup of coffee!

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