How to Create a Successful Video Marketing Campaign for Your Business

In today’s world, the hardest thing to do is to promote your business. Most of you will disagree with our statement. Social media networks and other online tools are not supporting the promotion of any business in the best possible way. Unfortunately, you are forgetting that the same benefits available to you are also available to someone else. Because of that, it is essential to find a way to split from the mass of other competitors that are offering the same or similar products/services to you.

Don’t panic, things are not as complicated as they look at first glance. There are many segments of online marketing that can support your business and help you expand. One of the options we would like to talk about in this article is a video marketing campaign.

Video content certainly is the most popular one among internet users. Apart from that, the studies confirm this form of promotional material boosts sales the most. But, that’s not a strict rule. If your marketing campaign is not good, then the statistics won’t be on your side.

We will use this article to teach people how to create a successful video marketing campaign for their business. There are a couple of steps that all entrepreneurs need to take. So, let’s go!

Start by Defining Your Target Audience

You won’t manage to create a good video marketing campaign if you do not start the process this way. We do understand your desire to promote in front of billions of people. However, it is a big lie that doing that will improve your ROI. Your target audience is a specific group of people that has the same or almost identical needs, problems, and tastes. However, something in common for all of them is that your product or service is the solution they are waiting for.

There are multiple ways to determine who your target audience is and what they expect from you. Different tools like Google Analytics and social media networks can give you more answers. On the other hand, what exactly will impress your target audience and grab their attention is something you will determine by A/B testing of your videos. But, we are not in a hurry and we will explain each segment one by one.

Determine the Right Tone of Voice for Your Videos

The purpose of video marketing campaigns is to grab the attention of the target audience and boost your brand awareness. To reach that goal, one of the things you need to determine is the tone of voice of your videos. To be precise, you need to choose between a formal and informal tone of voice. Will you try to use more professional phrases or keep a friendly tone?

But, how to determine the right tone? Well, the first step is the crucial one. If your target audience is experts, then being formal is a better option. This is probably a more adequate solution for B2B businesses. On the other hand, if your target audience is people with different backgrounds and education levels, then being too formal will not bring results.

Determine the Message You Want to Send

You are trying to attract people online. That means you will not have the chance to promote your business directly. Instead of that, the video content you publish is there to do that instead of you. Your duty is to find the right message that will result in higher engagement.

So, what exactly should you focus on here? No, talking about the characteristics of your products is not a big deal. These are details that people can read on your webshop. You need to talk more about the unique features of the product and explain to people which value they can get. That way, you are also explaining why your product is different from others.

Determine Your Budget

If you ask us, we would never save money on marketing. We consider promotions a crucial part of business success. But, we do also understand that some other segments of your business require investments and that your budget is not unlimited. If you want to do things right, our recommendation is to separate around 5% of your budget on video marketing campaigns. If you think of the best possible campaign, sales will sooner or later start to increase. When you start earning more money, we recommend you invest up to 15% of your total budget in this form of promotion.

But, these are just some general rules. You are the one who knows whether your company can afford to spend that much. Do not spend more than you can afford, but, at the same time, do not save money on this.

Define Your Content

It doesn’t matter if you are familiar with video editing or not. You are responsible for the content structure. Your first task is to determine how long your videos will be. Do you want to publish the short ones that do not last longer than 30 seconds? Or, you would want to use more time to explain why your product is valuable and publish a video that will last longer.

Also, the storyline of your videos also depends on the goal that you have. If you want to boost sales then product overviews are going to be good. You can also publish some tutorials where you will explain the process of using your products. But, in case you have the goal to improve your brand awareness, then educational videos are going to be a better choice.

If You Can’t Do It Alone, Ask for Help

The 4 steps that we mentioned in the previous part are mandatory ones. However, one of the things you also need to take care of is the quality of the videos themselves. We do understand that most entrepreneurs do not have an idea of how to edit videos properly or even create videos. Because of that, it would be better to find a video editor to do that instead of you. You can find here a video production agency in Colorado that can make things easier. It is much better to let the experts complete the job instead of you.

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