How to Determined Fault in a Truck Accident – 2024 Guide

Those who have seen a truck accident know how nasty they can get. Just seeing them is very unpleasant and stressful. Although when you see statistics, you can notice these accidents are not that common, however, their impact on the traffic is huge, and cannot be compared to normal car accidents. They also tend to have a fatal outcome in a larger percentage than normal accidents. The statistics showing how many people died in these accidents are quite concerning.

Serious injuries are also very common, which is why we suggest seeking compensation after the accident. Especially, if you are certain it was not your fault, and that you are a victim of someone else’s negligence. We also do not recommend you pursue the compensation yourself, but to find a good lawyer that will help you go through this process smoothly. To learn how and where to find a lawyer specialized in such cases, check on

But, to return to the subject. You are probably eager to find out how the faults in these accidents are determined. Read the rest of the article to find out.

Fault in accidents like these are determined based on three types of evidence:

1. Police reports

As many of you who have experienced any kind of traffic accident know, one of the first things to do when you find yourself in one, is to call the police. They go out on the scene of the accident and draft a report about it. These reports are used to find out who was involved in the accident, who got injured, where there were any deaths and if so, who died, as well as other factors related to the accident, such as if someone acted wrongly that could signal who’s fault was it (was anyone speeding, driving under the influence of alcohol, fell asleep behind the wheel, and so on.).

2. Visual evidence

Since most of us carry smartphones all the time, in such cases there is always someone who managed to take a picture of an accident, or film a video. These come rather helpful in truck accidents when it comes to determining the fault. Photos can include a scene of the accident, but also the damage that was made on the trucks, based on which professionals can determine the fault. These types of evidence are also collected from the surveillance cameras of nearby buildings if there were any.

3. Statements

Crucial details about what happened come from those who have seen the whole thing. Eyewitnesses can be those who have been involved in the accident, but also those who have just observed. Important things can be found from these statements, for example, whether one side drove through a red light. Also, if there is a claim that needs checking, statements can either validate or mark the claim as false.

These are the type of evidence that is always used in situations like these. Based on what we wrote, one can easily learn how to behave just in case he’s caught in a truck accident. Here are some suggestions:

1. Stop

Stop the vehicle and switch off the engine, and in the event of a minor accident, disconnect from the traffic before stopping. Keep in mind that fleeing the scene of an accident is a serious traffic offense, for which you are criminally liable, therefore don’t even think about it.

2. Inspect the participants in the accident

Make sure you have sustained injuries, and then, if you can, check the physical condition of both your passengers and the passengers in the vehicle or vehicles you have collided with.

3. Assess the situation

If you find that the traffic accident is of a minor nature and that no one is injured, record the current situation, in order to avoid possible subsequent lawsuits.

If you find that the accident is more serious and that there are injured, call an ambulance immediately, in order to provide them with the necessary assistance as soon as possible.

4. Stay calm

It is normal to be upset if you have had an accident, but try to stay calm and refrain from temperamental reactions, in order to maintain objectivity and realistically assess the situation.

6. Do not rush

Don’t apologize or take responsibility for the accident before its cause is officially established, so you don’t get in a position to be held accountable for something you may not even be guilty of.

7. Contact the police

Although in the case of a minor accident, in which no one is injured, the law does not require you to call the police, we recommend that if there is damage to vehicles, still contact, to be sure of the cause of the accident and later you can collect or cover the damage caused, depending on who caused the accident.

8. Find an attorney

The final step is to find an attorney to help you with your case of injury. A couple of things you need to have in mind when finding a suitable one, though. One of those things is to make sure you find someone who can dedicate enough time to your case. To be sure of this, go for the law firms that employ more people – lawyers and other staff that are helping the case. Another thing to keep in mind is the license. You want to make sure that the lawyer of your choice is licensed. And the experience he has in the field will prove your case will be a successful one.

If you’re looking for a reputable law firm that meets all these criteria, consider visiting the Union Law Firm’s official website. They have a team of dedicated and licensed professionals with extensive experience in handling injury cases. If you’re in search of a reputable law firm that ticks all the boxes, it’s essential to do thorough research online. A firm with a team of dedicated and licensed professionals, boasting extensive experience in handling injury cases, can make all the difference in the outcome of your legal battle.

A standout law firm will not only offer expertise but will also prioritize a client-centric approach. Recognizing the emotional and physical challenges that come with injuries, they should ensure open communication, keeping clients informed at every stage. A commitment to transparency and integrity is a hallmark of a trustworthy legal team.

Moreover, a firm’s track record is a testament to its capabilities. Successful settlements and verdicts indicate their proficiency in securing rightful compensation for clients, covering medical expenses, lost wages, and more. Detailed case preparation and assertive representation are crucial when facing insurance companies and opposing parties.

Additionally, top-tier law firms often provide initial consultations at no cost, allowing potential clients to gauge their fit without any financial commitment. This gesture showcases their genuine commitment to assisting individuals in their legal endeavors. When seeking justice and a supportive legal team, thorough research and due diligence are key.

Truck accidents can be quite complex, and at times it may seem you are sure what happened and whose fault it was, but the real truth is entirely different. It is why you should be very careful not to try to deal with these things on your own. Find the help of an attorney, this way you are guaranteed not to make a mistake that will cost you the compensation you will otherwise be entitled to.

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