Is There Any Difference Between PAT and EET Testing?

Electrical appliances are checked for many reasons so that they are efficient and can be used to their best potential. There are some tests that examine the appliances. Electrical equipment testing now goes by a different name. Formerly known as PAT testing, Portable Equipment Testing ensures that the equipment is first checked properly. EET is its new name (Electrical Equipment Testing); the authorities have changed it, so initially, there is little difference between PAT and EET. It is important for you to know about the meaning of PAT, so Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) refers to examining electrical appliances and equipment to ensure their safety. Electrical appliances require thorough testing so that there is no harm to you.

Now look at what EET stands for; the term “Electrical Equipment Testing” has a broader meaning and covers a wider range of criteria for what is tested, so PAT was more specific, and EET covers a larger range. Further in this article, we will discuss PAT and EET and why you must know about them in detail.

Some Of The Things You Must Know About The PAT And EET And Why You Must Know Them:

Let’s check out some of the main things related to electrical appliance testing so that you can ensure the safety of the appliances and it does not harm you in any way. If you are thinking of PAT or EET testing, you must reach out to a reliable source that can assure you reliability; if you want to know more about PAT testing, visit this site and learn more in detail. Further, we will talk about PAT testing in detail and what its benefits are that can guide you toward appliance testing.

Which Portable Devices Need Testing?


If your question is what all devices need testing, then you must know that there are various common appliances that should get tested and must get the verification of safety. All electrical devices not considered part of a fixed installation yet typically required to be connected to one are referred to as portable appliances. Portable appliances are those that feature a plug-and-play mechanism or a wire that plugs into a socket. That can easily be carried away and have easy access to the user.

In essence, a portable appliance is any device that requires a wall outlet or generator to function effectively. You need to have a proper power source, and also you can use a generator and wall switch to plug it on. There are some illustrations that you must know. For instance, electric hammer drills, computers in the deep freezer, power laminators, photocopiers, refrigerators, electric mugs, vending devices, etc., are some of the equipment that EET tests.

Benefits Of PAT Testing:


• One advantage of PAT testing is that it helps you to ensure safety so that your appliances work properly for a longer duration. By doing routine PAT testing, you can greatly lower the risk of electrical accidents, including electrocutions and fires by electrical appliances.

• Appliances often easily catch fire, which can cause a big issue. Even though you can never promise there won’t be an accident at work, doing a PAT test will significantly reduce the likelihood of one happening and safeguard your staff from possibly fatal injuries. It only removes some of the chances but ensures that there are fewer chances of any mishappening related to the appliances. Many people need to get their appliances tested, and that might cause a huge problem for them in the future.

• A workplace must get its appliance tests because there are many people in your workplace, and you must ensure their safety as well as the safety of the area. PAT testing ensures that before installing the appliances, you can check whether they will be safe for your place or not. Your insurance company will view you favorably if you keep your electrical in check and maintain high levels of safety in the workplace. You must communicate with them and then go for the testing, as this comes under their supervision. Some insurance companies will expect you to adhere to extremely high workplace health and safety standards. In some places, this is mandatory so that you can have the best health and safety standards for your working environment.

• Establishing a secure workplace asks you for a lot of things, and PAT testing is one of them. The convenience of discovering faults with electrical appliances in the workplace is a benefit. You must know about the faults beforehand, so you don’t have to face any loss in the future. If there is a problem with any of the equipment you use on a daily basis, having this problem identified and resolved as soon as possible will make your life easier than if you discover an error on your own. The faulty equipment halts the work you’re attempting to complete, and it will reduce productivity, ultimately resulting in stagnation in the growth of your workplace.

• It extends the life of the appliances, ensures that the appliances can have durability and effectively work, and does not ask for continuous maintenance. Electrical appliances are costly to purchase; if they break down frequently, you will have to spend a lot of money replacing them. This might cost you a lot, and in the initial years when you have established a place, spending more on the appliances can be harder for you. This is the reason you must hire competent individuals with the necessary equipment to perform regular PAT testing on all electrical appliances. This is why you must hire a reliable source that can assure reliable testing and prepare you well in advance.

Bottom Line


Now you know the difference and importance of PAT and EET; if you are establishing a business, you must go for appliance testing. A faulty portable electrical device can also cause an electrical shock, which can be fatal, so this is not something to be taken lightly. This is why you must consider this as a guide that can assure you of safe appliances.

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