Do You Need To Give Up Your Perfume When Pregnant?

Getting pregnant is a big change and many things will change. Are there ways you can make yourself feel more beautiful and sexier than you were before pregnancy? Can perfume help you in this task? But is perfume safe to be used during pregnancy? According to many doctors, yes they are safe! Every expert who says you shouldn’t wash your hair with SLS-laden shampoo (!) is wrong. There’s another expert who recommends that you do just that. This phenomenon is combined with pregnancy and we are exhausted. So let’s clear this up!

Some people are concerned that perfumes and other fragrances could contain phthalates. This could cause harm to baby, according to The Essential Guide for the Safest Health and Beauty Products for Mom and Baby. Different exploration in animals showed that this can be dangerous to some of them. It did disrupt some of the organs in some animals.

Phthalates are commonly found in powerful fragrances like perfumes, they can help prolong the scent’s life. But you need to be aware that you really can’t find out which have them. Manufacturers don’t have to list chemical compounds on the packaging of their fragrance. As these are kept in secret and won’t be published as they can be easily copied.

In the end there is no definitive answer regarding the phthalates and how safe are they. We think that if a woman has used perfumes or other products with fragrances during pregnancy, it is not a cause for concern. For these reason we recommend that a woman limits the amount of fragranced products she uses each day. Keep the perfume if she likes it. One needs to be aware that even deodorant and lotions can cause the same issues and worsen some of symptoms.

The more serious issue with perfume use during pregnancy, is that it can worsen already-disabling symptoms like nausea and dizziness, vomiting, dizziness, headaches and dizziness.

If you really can’t use any perfumes maybe a splash of essential oils could help but you also need to be careful about that.

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