5 Tips On How To Dry Faster Nail Polish

Have you ever experienced the painful moment when your extraordinary nail polish is devastated in a moment. It is usually during the trivial moments such as picking up your phone, grabbing the bag only to find that the nail did not dry well.

In order to avoid such situation, we present you 5 tips on how to dry it faster in order to avoid these unpleasantries:

1. Dry Ice

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This is as simple as it can be. After applying the nail polish, you need to put your fingers in the bowl of iced water for a couple of minutes. The result will be instantly dry nail polish.

2. Throw it In The Trash

This one is not quite the tip for drying it but it is very useful. So, as any cosmetics other cosmetic product, nail polish has the expiry date. If you notice that the color is changed or the pigments have separated and the oil is visible through the glass, it is a clear sign that the product has gone bad. This would take “ages” to dry so the only logical move is to throw it in the can. Good tip, right?

3. Blow In It

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Ok, you do not have the blow your own air, although it could help. However, we had in mind the hair dryer. You can take the hair dryer and switch to cold and point it on your nails. However, make sure you take the dryer near you before you paint the nails, as you can touch something you do not want to while reaching for it.

4. Lightly Does It

For this tip, it is recommended to apply coats with at least 2 minutes in between. It will allow the polish to dry faster and bond better with the nail. Additionally, you can go for the thin finish rather than putting thick amount of polish. It does sound simple, but it is highly effective.

5. Cooking Oil Spray

It seems off, right, but adding a cooking oil in small amount on the nails helps the polish to dry faster. Additionally, the oil will hydrate the hands and soften the cuticles in the same time.

If you have any tips on how to dry faster nail polish, do not hesitate to comment in the comment section below.

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