What Is The Easiest Coral To Keep – 2024 Guide

Corals are a great way of designing your home or giving a unique touch to a place. Inspired by oceanic vibes, many people keep these oceanic plants in reef tanks to create a decent atmosphere. But, there are various problems a person can face while keeping these creatures.

They require high maintenance and handling. A person has the choice of keeping soft or hard plant structures at their home. However, there are many things a person should keep in mind while keeping corals at home. They should select the correct type of reef tanks and the constitutes inside it. Platforms like www.bktfish.com are genuine solutions for getting these creatures and their ecosystem tanks.

In order to clarify confusion regarding the best type of watery plants to grow at home, the following section provides a detailed list of the easiest corals for beginners. The following section gives a comprehensive list of easily maintained ones with various pros and cons.

Top 7 Corals Beginners Should Keep At Their Home

There are various alternatives for people to select from while setting their reef tanks. Some of the safest and easiest coral reefs to maintain are shown below.



Frogspawn is one of the most demanded corals worldwide. People buy this for their aggressiveness and agility to grow. These are readily available in the market. They also have the feature of stretching their body up to 6”.

However, these creatures are vulnerable to other similar species as they sting their counterparts. Hammer ones are an exception to this as a result of which these two can be mixed.

They are known for their aggressive temperament, along with having moderate lighting. It requires a moderate water flow and is suitable for people wanting a coral to fit on the top or middle of the reef tank.

Zoanthids (Zoa’s)


Also known as Zoa’s, these are one of the people’s all-time favorites. They are known for their rich variety of colors. They offer exceptional flexibility in the way that they are easy to maintain and grow. Zoanthids also can multiply very quickly in numbers.

In order to design the home with corals, Zoa’s are budget-friendly options that give an added advantage of not searching for other types as keeping only Zoa’s can fill up the entire reef tank, giving a beautiful look.

You can keep them anywhere, whether it is a sunny or shady place. However, they require moderate to high water flow for their maintenance. People can place them anywhere from top to bottom of a tank.

Pulsing Xenia


If a person is looking for unique yet cost-effective watery plants to keep in their home, Pulsing Xenia should be their first priority. They come in a mat structure, giving more convenience to the buyer to place them correctly.

They adjust themselves according to water level and accumulate even low water flow. As the name suggests, these corals have a high growth rate; hence the name pulsing. They can be placed in the middle or bottom of the tank. They need low to medium levels of lighting and water flow.



Everyone has come across mushrooms growing in water. They are the go-to options for beginners because they do not require extreme levels of care. Moreover, they can give an elegant visual by coming in rich colors like blue, bright orange, etc.

Mushrooms can live in any condition. They require low to moderate water flow for growing. The lighting requirements are also decent ranging from low to moderate. They primarily acquire energy from light, but their food source is anything in the water. They adjust themselves according to conditions and gel up with other creatures in the ecosystem.

Acan Brain Coral


Acan Brain Corals are helpful for beginners if they keep them in the right place. However, they should not mix them with other corals as the former can harm other nearby creatures in the reef tank by expanding their stomach to a few inches.

Similar to other top alternatives, these are also full of colors and lively patterns. However, most people buy Acan corals that are more reddish in color. These have impressive features. They are aggressive with medium lighting conditions required. Apart from this, moderate water flow is enough for them to grow anywhere from the bottom to the middle of the tank.

Toadstool Leather Coral


One can identify toadstool leather corals from its counterparts by their unusual designs and patterns. They grow in an unusual manner leading to unique shapes and patterns. If you like pastel colors and shapes, these could be one of the best types to keep at home.

The only thing a person should keep in mind while maintaining them is that they can grow huge in size rapidly. As a result, they can press other creatures to the bottom or even harm them. Therefore, placing them at the right spot is crucial.

The most suitable position for keeping them is in the middle of a tank. They need moderate to high lighting to grow and multiply. Furthermore, they require a moderate level of water flow to grow effectively.

Tongue Coral


Tongue corals are an excellent choice for designing the lower part of your reef tank. With eye-catching colors, they can surface on the bottom of the tank, giving completeness to the whole aquatic ecosystem.

Apart from this, they also provide the advantage of easy maintenance. These rest easily on sandy compositions at the bottom. They are semi-aggressive, being calm most of the time in the water. They require low to moderate water flow and moderate lighting to multiply.


The alternatives mentioned above are a few of beginners’ most demanded and kept corals. When it comes to the easiest one to keep, it depends on various factors like water requirement, lighting environment, size, etc.

Apart from the tiny plants mentioned above, Kenya trees, Montipora, Green Star Polyps, Bubble, Candy Cane, etc., are also easy to care for. However, people should research more options to arrive at the best decision for keeping corals.

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