Essential Bras Every Teenage Girl Should Own

As soon as the thought of growing up starts to sink in, you start feeling the effects of it on your body. You might be in need of your first bra. Most teen girls eagerly await the time when they can wear the bras they see in fashion magazines, but not all of them are suitable for that age. This is the time when you should start informing yourself about which bra is suitable for you, or what essentials you should have.

For girls in their teens, it is more appropriate to choose a bra that is inconspicuous, functional, and anatomical, that holds the breasts, and does not make them bigger than they are. In stores today, you can find a large selection of Bras for teens, in shapes and colors suitable for young girls, from those that are worn every day to special ones adapted for sports activities you can find here.

When is the right time to go bra shopping?

The right time to buy your first bra is when you notice that your nipples are starting to show through the clothes. To make the first purchase of this type easier, it is best to determine what size you need before going shopping, that is, to take measurements at home. You will get the girth by using a tape measure to measure your chest just below the bust. The size of the basket is determined by measuring the widest part of the chest and subtracting the previously measured circumference from that measurement. If the difference is between 1 and 1.5 cm, the basket size is AA. If the difference is between 1.5 and 2.5 cm, the baskets should be A size. The difference between 2.5 and 3.5 cm is the size of basket B, and so on.

This is certainly not enough to go and buy your first bra yourself. In addition to the bras being of different cuts, the cups can be of different shapes. Also, manufacturers, of which there are more and more, interpret the standards differently. That’s why it’s best to go shopping and try and choose the best solution in terms of design and functionality. Which brings us back to the main topic we’re discussing in this article – what are the essentials you should search for?

Here’s our suggestion…

1. Classic type

When we say classic, we mean those colors that literally go with every type of wardrobe you wear. Therefore, every teenage girl must have a classic black, white or beige bra in her closet. It’s a bra that you can wear on different occasions, and it will look great in almost any combination. It is made in such a way that it cannot be seen over clothes, and thanks to its simple shape, it is very comfortable to dress and wear.

2. Strapless, freestanding one

This bra is a little less comfortable to wear, but you really need it, especially on summer days when you wear an open dress or a strapless T-shirt. You won’t have to wear it every day, but on some special occasions, it’s still nicer for straps to be hidden.

3. Sports bra

Even when exercising, you need support for your breasts, but a classic bra will not help you with that. That’s why there is a sports bra that is specially made for exercise and some other more strenuous physical activities. A sports bra is particularly comfortable to wear, so many girls wear it every day instead of a classic bra.

4. Lace version

Every girl should have at least one lacy, sexy bra in her closet. It is not for everyday wear, but it is certainly for some special occasions like a first date, going out with a boyfriend, or a girl’s night out. The lace model fits just about any combination.

5. Bralettes

This model is only good for girls with slightly smaller breasts. A bralette is actually a light bra made of slightly more sensitive material that does not give your breasts much support but is ideal for hot summer days. A little bolder girls often know how to wear bralettes as a summer top, but we wouldn’t recommend them for school.

6. Push-up bra

There are only a few girls who are satisfied with the size of their breasts, there is a greater number of those who would still like to have a little bigger. There are always popular push-up bras just for them, and every girl should have at least one in her wardrobe. Before buying, you should definitely try it on because an uncomfortable push-up bra is the worst thing that can happen to you.

Finding the perfect one

The most common mistake that happens when choosing a bra is – too big a bra size and too small a cup and choosing a bra randomly because, when it comes to bras, we usually choose what we like and not what fits us best. The secret of the basket lies in the fact that it must fit us perfectly and be – neither too small nor too big.

So, as we suggested in the first part of this article, measure the narrowest part of your chest to find out what size you really are. Remember, if you have large breasts, bras with thin straps will be a nightmare, as they will cause skin irritation.

Although it doesn’t seem like much fun to try on all those huge models in a small and hot booth of a store, there is no other way to find the ideal bra. In addition, bra sizes vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. So, trying on bras, just like trying on jeans, is the only guarantee that you will find the right one.

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