Experience the Power of LED: Know Rental LED Display Today!

Imagine having a big screen that attracts a lot of people to you and displays your products and services in a great way without a big budget, and you can have no idea how to run it. Sounds great for every company that wants to market, doesn’t it?

Now the answer is revealed, you can do it by rental LED display! However, here are some points that can make you do better decisions. We will explore those in depth:

  1. What is LED screen rental?
  2. 6 Benefits You Can Get from Rental LED Display
  3. 5 Tips for Choosing Rental LED Screens
  4. How About Rental LED Screen Prices?
  5. Conclusions
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  • What is LED screen rental?

Rental LED screen, as the name suggests, is LED display that can be rent from suppliers. These should be easy to set up and disassemble because they are often moved to different locations for events such as stage performances and exhibitions, as explained by experts from https://www.unit-led.com/rental-led-display.

Compared with other kinds of display technologies such as LCD display, TV and projectors, LED panels have many advantages such as higher protection ability to resist changeable environment like rain and heat, better visual performance including high brightness level that support the screen to show contents clearly under sunlight, and various configurations customers can choose from like customizable sizes and pixel pitch.

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What Are the Differences Between Fixed LED Display and Rental Displays?

Although they are all called LED screen displays, there are still some obvious differences laying behind:

  • Using scenarios:

Rental LED panels will be moved to different locations for different events, such as stage performances and exhibition. The screens will be disassembled and moved to the next site of activity and reinstall.

However, fixed ones rarely changes its position after installation. They are widely used for fixed installation like LED billboard and convention room.

  • Abrasion resistance:

As you can see, rental ones will be moved to different sites frequently and used for many applications that need high visual quality such as stages. Thus, the screen itself should have high abrasion resistance to avoid damages such as failure of LED lamp beads.

  • Quality:

Rental LED panels should have light weight, high heat dissipation and also, they are also fine pixel pitch the meet close viewing distance. All these characteristics put forward higher requirements for the quality of led display

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  • 6 Benefits You Can Get from Rental LED Display

What benefits can you get if you rent one? What advantages can it bring to you increase your profits?

  • High cost-efficiency

It can be more cost-effective compared with buying one because many customers use them frequently for a few days of the year or during a certain season, and leave them idle in their warehouses the rest of the year.

  • Maintenance-free

One obvious advantage is that, rather than buying a display, renting a display allows you to leave the maintenance entirely to the company.

If you buy one and here are some problems, you need to contact the supplier and may need to deliver the screens back to them for repairing. Also, additional costs will be generated such as transportation expense.

  • High-standard visual performance

Fine pixel pitch such as P1.25 and P2.5 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y2SbR6T0t1o, high brightness level up to 7,000 nits, wide grayscale such as 14bits and high refresh rate of 3840Hz- all these can be delivered by it.

Even if the price is good, there is no compromise on the visual effect!

  • Customization

The size can be customized and even gigantic size is allowed due to the modular design, which can not be achieved by other types of screens with fixed size like projectors.

Moreover, the contents it can show on the screen are varied such as promotional ads and videos to boost your brand presence, and also, bring you more opportunities of sponsorship!

  • Multiple events allowed

For example, marathons, movie nights, church & worship, concerts and corporate promotional activities. It can share your messages with audiences and create an immersive experiences always.

  • More economic gains

It can help to gather more human traffic, promote your business, get more sponsorship and advertise your products and services. And each one of them can bring you more money and impress your targeted customers with brand images.

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  • 5 Tips for Choosing Rental LED Screens

There are some points for you to pay attention on when choosing rental LED screens:

  • Dual receiving cards, dual power supply for backup

The dual-card, dual-power backup is a solution for ensuring the reliability and stability of running. For instance, the two receiving cards work simultaneously and are in a hot backup state, automatically switching seamlessly when any signal fails to ensure that the display screen works flawlessly.

  • Low reflectivity

To increase contrast ratio and enable good saturation, vibrant colors and nice black levels, the screen surface should has low reflectivity.

This feature relates closely to the production technology such as adopting full black body packaging design with black PPA materials and epoxy design.

  • Quiet operation

In some high-end using scenarios such as concert, museum and press conference, low-noise screens are required. This feature puts forward higher standard for power supply and fan.

Make sure the sound of the display does not affect the site when you want to rent one.

  • Brightness level adjustment

It is necessary for the LED rental screen to have automatic brightness adjustment sensor, which can enable the changing ambient light will not affect displaying of images.

  • Get suitable specifications

We all know that smaller pixel pitch represents better visual quality, and higher configuration means better performance. However, it is recommend to find a balance between budgets and specifications.

Here is a comparison of different pixel pitch and the best viewing distance:

Pixel pitch Suitable viewing distance
P1.58 3.6m to 5.4m
P1.875 4.3m to 6.5m
P1.9 4.4m to 6.6m
P2.37 5.4m to 8.1m
P2.5 5.7m to 8.6m

For instance, if the viewing distance of your screen is around 8m, then renting a display with pixel pitch 1.875 can be a waste of budget. However, consult the rental display company to gain useful advice and they will recommend you the best configuration based on your situations.

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  • How About Rental LED Screen Prices?

There is no accurate price lists for these screens as the price varies based on specifications such as sizes and brightness level, and locations.

However, by understanding the factors that affect rental screen prices, you can have a clear understanding.

  1. Screen cost: related to the model, area, and contract period.
  2. Logistics cost: calculated based on actual mileage.
  3. On-site construction: such as steel structure and cabling
  4. Human resources: hiring installation, maintenance and operation staff
  5. Other equipment: computer, power distribution cabinet, audio amplifier, video processor, etc.
  • Conclusions

In conclusion, rental LED displays are a highly effective way to enhance your events and create an immersive experience for your audience. They can be used for a wide range of events, from concerts and sports events to corporate conferences and trade shows.

Additionally, rental LED displays come with professional installation, maintenance, and technical support, ensuring that your event runs smoothly and without any technical glitches!

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