The Fundamentals of a Home Renovation – 2024 Guide

Renovating a home’s exterior as a beginner can be a huge undertaking. Lacking experience can leave you vulnerable to poor planning. That can mean an overextended budget for low-quality work from subpar contractors. But that’s a worst-case scenario. Newbies can change the course of events.

When you have a distinct idea of what you want to accomplish, planning will be something to do with a reputable, qualified company. Finding one, like requires due diligence. You’ll need to do plenty of research to get the most value for your budget.

Once you have adequate resources, the team will guide you through the initial phases before beginning the exterior renovation project. The first step will be determining what’s motivating you to remodel your house’s exterior, why you want to renovate.

You might have a clear vision of what you want with the project, but establishing the reasons for doing the work is as important.

A Guide to Renovating Your Home’s Exterior


An exterior home renovation is not something you can “dive in headfirst” unless you’re prepared for poor results. This is a part of the house that will not only give visitors and passersby a first impression of you but will reflect on the entire neighborhood.

As someone who hasn’t taken part in a renovation project before, it’s essential to do due diligence in researching a quality, credentialed company to guide you through the planning and move forward with the remodel.  Learn about exterior home remodels at

As a beginning step, you’ll need to be prepared with a clear vision for the work and what’s the motivating factor, whether it’s for functionality, aesthetics, or household care and upkeep.

  1. Functionality: You might need the addition of a porch or deck for the sheer functionality of the space. Maybe you have merely a “stoop” or an area that doesn’t serve a functional purpose when loved ones or neighbors stop by for a visit.
  2. Aesthetic: The exterior could need updating or modernizing. You might want to add some new siding to replace what is an out-of-date style. Maybe change out the doors or windows, add some shutters for visual appeal. Many small fixes can lead to a substantial impact and have significant value.
  3. Maintenance: Heavy winds can result in torn siding, intense storms can create roof leaks. Before damage becomes severe, you want to renovate to stay ahead of the problems.
  4. Eco-conscious: Heat and cool air are escaping. You need to improve your energy efficiency and reduce utility costs through renovations. With some fixes, you will receive tax advantages for the remodeling you do because, with the upgrades, you’ll consume less energy, an environmentally friendly fix.

Once you know what your primary purpose is for the project and you have clear objectives, you can work with the contracting company to develop a plan for reaching these goals.

It’s much easier to accomplish the vision you see for your project when you establish a proper plan for the process. Before beginning the project, the ideas of what you intend with the job should be identified. These objectives should be realistic with a budget you’re comfortable setting.

When you make a list of what you can reasonably afford with the planning phase, the project will go much smoother. The best way to do this is to develop categories including the following:

  • The necessities: These are the must-have aspects of the projects, the core components of the renovation that the project would need to be able to proceed. That could mean having the siding replaced on the house or putting in new doors or windows. Some might want to consider a simple painting job.
  • Like-to-have: You want to add these things if the budget allows but you can wait. You may need to replace the roof, but you’d also like to replace the downspouts and gutters. You might only have the money for some of it, but you can keep it on the list for another time.
  • Wishes: Wishes don’t have to be forever forgotten. If you have the opportunity at some point, these can be done little by little. You may want to screen in that new porch. That can be possible with some savings and given time – don’t give up on the wish list.

What Are A Few Renovating Ideas That Can Improve Your Home


You home’s visual appeal and the functionality will not only impact the property value but your lifestyle. A few home remodeling ideas that can add functionality and an improved lifestyle in addition to tremendous curb appeal include the following:


With time, siding takes considerable abuse from harsh conditions, growing dirty and grim, becoming corroded making it lose the outer coating leaving it exposed to mold. These exposures leave the material vulnerable to pests that can invade the home’s interior particularly if mold is neglected.

Upgrading the siding with new vinyl or other materials can extend the longevity of the household.

Upgrade the roofing


A key focus that impacts the household functionality and overall home’s appearance is the roof. As it ages, it will start to degrade and develop internal issues, including leaks.

The traditional asphalt shingles can be a consideration for replacement. An architectural shingle can create dimension and will be more energy efficient as it reflects UV rays.

Final Thought

No two remodeling contractors are created equal. While many are professional and reputable, some companies have years of experience in the industry and are a successful because they have a thorough knowledge of the industry, the costs and planning with their clients.

The best use of time for a beginner in renovating is to pick a quality renovation contractor. Do your due diligence with this process and you’ll see rewards with low stress, minimal hassles and a seamless project.

The contractor will consider the must-haves, likes, and wishes and will help to develop a realistic budget before beginning with the effort to accomplish as much as possible.

The goal is to use quality budget-friendly materials and alternatives where possible. You’ll spend much time with what should be a reputable, qualified, and reliable renovation contractor; this time should be valuable.

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