What Hair Styling Product Anja Rubik Uses

Karastase Paris introduced the new hair style product L’Incroyable Blowdry. As a face of the product, they choose Anja Rubik, the Polish supermodel. Now, you can by the hair styling product Anja Rubik uses.

This product is a heat-activated lotion. It helps your hairstyle last longer while it uses the microwax particle technology that gives your hair the ability to reshape and restyle during the day which will save your money on buying it sooner than you need it as you will not have to reapply it during the day.

Anja Rubik stated that the partnership is very powerful. Karastase Paris could not find better supermodel to represent them as Rubik is the girl that can wear any hair style, and she will nail it.

She was first introduce to the Kerastase product couple of years ago after she was recommended it in the backstage. She was then recommended the shampoo and conditioner. Ever since, she uses this brand’s products.

She goes on by saying that it is not just about amending the look but she wanted to change the way she feels about herself as the hair is addition to the style. It can really make you feel you empowered when you change yourself and to transform yourself. It experiments with the way you feel and how it influence your state of mind. It influences the mood.

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