6 Hidden Gems in Provence to Visit on Your France Road Trip

When we speak of tourist destinations people usually think of cities and secluded locations. Rarely do they think about an entire country? But, France fits that description. This European country is a story for itself. When you travel to the Old Continent you can’t miss out on France. Yes, Paris is the main attraction, but the story doesn’t stop there. Almost every city in France is worth visiting. There are castles, old buildings, and historic monuments on every step of the place. We shouldn’t even mention the French Riviera.

But, what makes France so great is its nature and its villages. You won’t find too many places over the world with so many medieval villages, and beautiful countryside to show for it. The biggest attraction in this domain, and we hope you’ll visit, is Provence. When you go to France, you must visit it. Once you finish reading this article you won’t have any excuse not to do so. Of course, we won’t be able to cover everything there is to see. But, you will have enough to think about and plan once you read about these six hidden gems in Provence to visit on your France road trip.

As we said, it is practically impossible to cover the entirety of what Provence has to offer. So, when you hit the road you better be prepared. Follow our advice, but we’re not going to be selfish. As we said, you can’t fit everything in one article, so you’re free to click here and equip yourself with even more information, and Provence doesn’t need to be the only region on your mind for that matter. The world is a vast place, and every road trip is special. But, for now, let’s keep our thoughts on Provence, France. Let’s start.



We can’t exactly claim it’s hidden, but this village is a must-see. It’s located close to Nice, so it is easy to access. Its location on the sea is ideal. It offers plenty for tourists who want to swim and sunbathe, and for those eager to explore its history. There’s plenty to see in terms of architecture as there are castles and citadels. What you’ll love the most are its colorfully painted houses which there are in abundance. This village dates back to the 13th century which tells you all you need to know about its long history. If you’re a wandering tourist this is an ideal place for you, as Villefranche-sur-Mer’s messy streets will fulfill your every desire. If you’re an adventurer visiting the Rue Obscure is a must. It’s a dark alley located under the town’s hall.



If you want to be charmed away, Goult is your place. This village needs to be high on your bucket list as it is one of the most amazing ones in the entire Provence. The streets are so tiny that you’ll believe that it was specially tailored to mesmerize your view and walk. People who go there tell tales of great architecture, as if they just witnessed a set for a Disney movie. While the village isn’t too vast, you’ll enjoy every second of it. The locals are very open towards the visitors and you’ll experience this the best if you visit on Thursday when there’s a local market out in the streets. The charm of it can’t be described, it must be experienced. If you’re a fan of social media platforms this place will offer so many great locations for taking photos that you won’t believe it.



While we’re talking about hidden gems, we can’t miss out on Avignon. This is a well-known place, so it’s hard to speak about it as a hidden gem, but when compared to Paris, Marseille, or Strasbourg it is hidden. The fun fact is that back in the 14th century it was a papal town. Its history and architecture are unparalleled in this part of France. Unlike the villages from above, you can visit Avignon and spend days here without having to worry about getting bored. If you visit during July, you’ll witness the biggest theatre festival France has to offer. Once you hit the Old Town you’ll never want to leave when you see the beauties of the Palace of the Popes and Pont Saint-Bénézet.



You have heard of the fashion brand, but how about this hidden gem of Provence? This staggering location is located on a hill overseeing the local landscape. Its streets are all stone-made, and when paired with the old and cozy architecture you’ll believe you’re in a  fairy tale once you’re down on the streets. While the village in its essence belongs to the 16th century, its oldest building was built in the 9th century. When you see the Mason Forte you’ll feel as if you traveled back in time. What’s worth your time is a visit to Chateau de Lacoste which is owned by Pierre Cardin, but is open to visitors from July to August.



Here we have a true hidden gem. This village first the description perfectly. When it comes to tourists visiting it doesn’t have as many of them as other places on this list. If you want some privacy and still to enjoy this region this one is for you. It is a village located on a hill so it provides a nice view of the surrounding nature. The village is set apart from other similar ones by a tower located in its center which reaches 425m in height. You need to reach its top after going through its 86 stone steps to fully enjoy its beauty. Monts du Vaucluse is worth seeing in their beauty.



Here is the village which is dubbed as the prettiest in all of the Provence. This might put it up there to compete with some of the world’s most beautiful villages with ease. If you ever head down to southern France, this is a must-see. If you’re looking at it historically it is the oldest in the region and the oldest when it comes to French Riviera. It’s quite calm during the year, but in the summer season, its streets are filled with tourists. It is home to many vineyards, so if you’re a fan of vines it will be your enjoyment to the fullest.

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