Do’s & Don’ts of Hiring an Escort for the First Time

If you have scheduled your first meeting with an escort and you are not sure what to expect or what to do, we can share with you some useful tips. You should know what you can and cannot do. Many people are not aware of what an escort service is and what it actually means.

If you do not have enough information about this service, you will not be able to form the right opinion. Therefore, and everything else, research is necessary. For starters, make your own list of things you should and shouldn’t do when hiring an escort for the first time.


1. Check the price

Since price has a big impact on your final decision, it is important to consider the prices of different companies. We believe that you do not want to subscribe to the service, because this way of entertainment is certainly not cheap. No matter how urgently you need an escort, take the time to find a reliable company.

However, be careful when choosing services, because too cheap services are an equally bad option. If you find an offer that is cheap, there is probably something wrong. In that case, it is best to move on to the next company so that you do not have problems later.

2. Investigate the company

If you want to make sure you are on the right track when searching for a service, search exclusively for reliable sources. The Internet is full of content, which means that you will probably find a lot of scams. Sometimes it is not easy to get a reliable website and not only when it comes to hiring an escort.

Be focused when searching, because that is the only way to prevent the misuse of your data. Theft of personal data is a common problem in the digital world, but there are several ways to protect yourself.

3. Reviews

Thanks to reviews, you will come up with new ideas, but also reliable websites. With a little research you can find a lot of useful information. This is a great start to your search, but it is important to set aside enough time for this process. For example, you will find out if customers are satisfied with their services and many other experiences. However, that is not enough. You cannot rely solely on a user’s comment or rating.

Additional research is needed to make sure you are dealing with a trusted company. Once you find a potential escort, read her online material carefully. Consider all the specific details, review the ad and the entire website. Take care of other things in order to reserve the desired service. For example, this refers to the time of day for contact, the manner of contact and all other information included in your first contact.

4. Be serious

Although you are the person in the company who makes everyone laugh and often makes jokes at someone else’s expense, don’t do that when booking a service. This kind of behavior is extremely distasteful and unnecessary. Imagine ordering from a dentist or buying a product online. In other words, if you want to start the process, you need to present yourself properly and be specific when sharing information.

You must schedule your service as well as any other, specify the type of service you are looking for, the desired meeting place, time, etc. You can ask all the questions you have to the provider, it will help you make a better decision. If you can’t find the answer, look it up with other users. Of course, it is necessary to ask questions with a lot of respect, without vulgarity or sexually explicit.

5. Read the profiles carefully

You will be exposed to a large amount of information while searching for company websites. Here you will find a lot of useful information, as well as details about the escort you want to rent. You can see how profiles should look like at

Read everything about their features carefully, because many of them provide specific services that can be published. You will probably find contact information here as well.


1. Request last minute meetings

No matter how much you liked a person’s profile, don’t insist too much on the meeting if it can’t be realized at the moment. You may be lucky enough to contact someone who will agree to the agreement immediately, but this is a job like any other.

It is also based on meetings, the existing schedule and the clientele. So be patient and wait a few days or weeks if necessary. Accept the first meeting that is in line with your schedule.

2. Asking personal questions

Requesting too much information is also undesirable during the meeting. So, do not ask your escort to reveal your real name, place of residence and other personal information.

This can cause problems even if your intentions are good. Respect their privacy.

3. Price negotiation

Each company has a specific price list. So don’t try to bargain with them, because they can only forbid you to use their services.

Remember that they run a business that includes overhead, advertising and other business expenses. Don’t do everything you wouldn’t otherwise do while ordering food at a restaurant or while paying for another type of service.

4. Toxic conversations

When you find yourself in a private space with an escort, avoid unpleasant topics such as violence. Otherwise, the other person will feel insecure or scared, which will ruin the whole meeting. So choose topics that are more appropriate for the date.

Be careful how you talk to the escort, because she doesn’t want you to insult her with questions. Stay away from negative comments, because there is no reason to use them. Also, don’t try to do things you don’t agree on. Hold on until the end of the meeting of the established agreement.


If you want to get the best escort, make sure you do your homework. The to-do list includes price, company status, personal preferences and customer service. It is equally important that you respect the business policies of the company whose services you use, as well as your entourage. Be kind and have fun with your new friend.

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