5 Tips For Hiring PHP Developers For Your Project

The 21st century brought the advancement of technology and the development of some new professions related to this field. The IT industry is considered one of the fastest growing in the world – and therefore, the professions within this industry are becoming more and more valued. One of those professions is a PHP developer. If you need such an expert – here is what you should know when hiring one.

PHP Developers: The Complex Profession of the Future


You must have already heard about jobs like PHP developer or PHP programmer. However, even those who think they know a lot about this business, sometimes do not know the difference between those two. The difference still exists, so you need to be aware of it, especially if you need to hire an expert in this field. First of all, we can say that the job of a PHP programmer is in some sense easier because their work is mainly reduced to pure programming – they need to turn other people’s ideas into code. Developers must also be developers, but with much more experience. The PHP web developer develops, designs, implements, finds new and modern solutions, standardizes, etc. So, a PHP developer has a more complex role in the business, and you should be aware of that – especially if you plan to hire one of them. And what should you keep in mind when hiring a PHP developer – here are some tips that can help.

Do You Need A PHP Developer? Practice This When Hiring One!


Before you hire a PHP developer, you must be ready for the questions you will ask the candidate applying for that position. To know how to do it, it is important that you know a lot about the business – or that you have an experienced developer by your side who can help you in this. Here are some tips on what you should focus on when choosing and hiring an expert in this field.

1. Know where you should be looking for developers

Fortunately, technology has made it possible for us to do many jobs remotely or via the Internet – so the search for a perfect PHP web developer can be done in this way. Namely, your ideal candidate may not be near you or in your area at all. Moreover, you may find him on the other side of the world. Numerous sites dedicated to hiring freelancers can also help us here. We understand that you don’t have that much time available for the search, so the help of HR professionals is always welcome. You can read more and see how some of the professionals in this industry can help you scout for a perfect PHP developer that will fulfill the needs of your company. This way, you can be sure that you will get the PHP professional you need – and you will save yourself a lot of time.

2. Assessment of knowledge

Before making a choice, you must know what you want and what your needs are. We have already emphasized that sometimes employers do not make the clearest distinction between PHP programmers and developers. When you make a clear distinction in this regard, it will be easier for you to assess the knowledge base that your candidate possesses. It would be good if you ask a question such as why they’ve chosen PHP over some other programming languages. From the comprehensive answer that should follow, you will be able to assess how much knowledge they possess, how they would use that knowledge within your company – and how they think in general. Also, address issues related to improving the candidate’s PHP knowledge and how well they follow the latest technological trends – because this will be important for your future projects.

3. Test the skills that they have listed in their portfolio

Let’s face it, creating a portfolio is a thing that many candidates can sometimes overdo. Mostly, candidates claim they possess some skills they may not have mastered perfectly. That is why it is significant to look at the mentioned experiences on previous projects and to test some of the mentioned skills. Let’s say, in case the candidate for this position worked on the web development of business pages – you have to examine specifically which ones – because it is not the same to work on any type of business page. Some, like an e-commerce site, can be far more complex than others. Here again, we need to rely on our correct assessment – and the needs of our company and clients.

4. Price comparison

As in any market, there is a big game in the IT market – especially when it comes to the prices of services. Of course, for hiring a good PHP developer or programmer – it is necessary to allocate a significant amount of money. However, you should know that there are deviations, exaggerations, and overestimations in this market too. Therefore, you must determine whether a specific price is appropriate compared to the experience and skills of a PHP developer that you want to hire. Also, work efficiency is extremely important – because you need your PHP project to be completed and sent on time. In case you realize that the price does not match what you are looking for, hurry up and continue your search.

5. The Employer Sometimes Needs to Make Compromises

When hiring a PHP developer, you have to keep some things in mind so that YOU are not the one who makes a mistake. Get involved directly in the entire search process, even if you have hired someone for that need. In addition, be prepared to make certain compromises yourself. Let’s say when it comes to salary or opportunities for development and advancement within your company. Also, you should make an effort to ensure that your new PHP developer fits well into the existing team – or that you can provide him with the possibility of remote work if necessary. The lack of these elements happens to be the most common reason why PHP developers quit or start working for other companies. Therefore, try to keep a talented developer with you.



Even though we are talking about a job that is still little known to many people – the situation with the employment of PHP experts is in many ways similar to other professions. Make sure that you don’t fall into the classic market traps – and that you are a fair employer. By following that rule and the tips we provided – we are sure that it will pay you off in the long run.

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