Maximizing Fun on a Budget: Affordable Holiday Ideas for Large Groups in the UK

The United Kingdom is an amazing place to visit. Many of us have it on our bucket list. Sometimes it is hard to visit on your own. The solution is of course a group visit. But, when you visit a group you’re tied to it. That’s fine if everything is planned properly. There are a few ways to ensure that you have a good time. One of the best ones is to find the locations and places you’d like to visit and tie them to large groups organization.

This isn’t too hard to organize. Affordable holiday ideas for large groups in the UK can be found all over the web. This article should give you an idea of how to maximize fun on a budget. As we said, it is not a hard task. At the moment you’ve already found the right place to start. We are going to discuss the best holiday ideas for large groups in the UK, some of which you can find if you click here. The rest, and the best, in our humble opinion, can be found in the article below. Let’s start this adventure together.

St Ives Bay

When you’re talking about visiting the United Kingdom you will rarely discuss visiting a beach. But, let us change that perspective. St Ives Bay should be able to do the trick. It offers one of the best holiday parks in the UK. What people realize straight away at the first sight is the views that you’ll find overseeing this location. As of now, this is one of the top holiday hot spots in the Kingdom for both the Brits and those who travel from abroad. We are talking about a three-mile beach. It is the nicest sand you’ll find in England. The best place to stay is of course Cornwall, but you’ll find plenty of other locations if you’re up for it. Walking on the beach, enjoying the Atlantic Ocean, swimming, playing in the sand, and much more are just some of the things you can do in this area. Some people argue that it is better to visit this location in a group and not as a couple or alone. It offers much more that way.

North Wales

Let’s talk about an entire area. Wales is a place from fairy tales. Each part of it has a unique story. But, our first Wales pick for today is its North. It offers so much for each type of visit. If you want pure nature, its valleys and mountains will leave you breathless. The coastline and various waterfalls surrounding it are a scenery that is suitable to Middle Earth and the world of Lord of The Rings. The group staying in some of its cottages can create life-lasting memories. It is a true hidden paradise. The views, hidden villages, miles of beaches, and untouched nature will remain with you forever.

Scottish Highlands

Let us continue with fairy tales. The Scottish Highlands are a thing of beauty. Nature at its best. Architecture at its best. Harry Potter associations? All over the place. You can simply feel the magic. This area has it all. If you’re looking for sandy and misty beaches, you’ll find them. High mountains and mist-covered peaks, they’re there. How about Scotland’s finest lochs? Loch Ness, the most famous one, is trailed by the likes of Ben Nevis Castle as the biggest tourist treasure this area has to offer. For all of you fans of the J.K. Rowling books a ride on the Jacobite steam train is a must.

Wye Dean

The name itself doesn’t ring any bells, right? But, once you visit this location, you won’t be able to forget its scenery. What makes it so great for group visits is the cottage’s accommodation. Truly a way to create a lifetime of memories even if you visit a large group that consists of strangers. In the same way, as with the Scottish Highlands, you mustn’t miss the ride on the Thomas The Tank Engine. If that’s not your cup of tea, maybe visiting one of the local breweries or vineyards is. That could be the case. In this area, nature can be explored on foot, by bike, and in boats. It has a little bit for everyone. You can enjoy, earth, water, and air all the same and even together. If you’re a fisherman, you will love this place, as you’ll meet plenty of fishing enthusiasts there. True, all-around fun is possible at Wye Dean.


Norfolk is so much more than your standard UK town. It has amazing scenery. Nature is at its finest here. If you’re a fan of flora and fauna you will be thrilled with the wildlife in Norfolk. In addition to all that it is seen as one of the biggest royal attractions in the United Kingdom. What makes it so unique is the number of windmills you’ll encounter. You’ll be feeling as if you’re visiting Holland. But, what will leave you breathless are the small seals and their parents. Amazing nature and wildlife truly excel in Norfolk. Another aspect of this area is its untouched countryside. The best part is that you can enjoy it through the window of a train. For all of you fans of history, there is a special tour organized with none other than Lucy Worsley.


The best part about the UK is that their places sound and appear to be from a fairy tale. One of those locations is, without a doubt, Pembrokeshire. We are talking about south-west Wales. We already covered the north part of it, now it’s time to move a little bit down to the south. Its views are one of the most beautiful in the UK, and the coastline is closest to being the longest sandy one. The true gem of this area is without a doubt Wales’s smallest town called St Davids.  Around it, you’ll be left breathless with various hidden coves, sea harbors, and hiking trails that appear to be a story told by a Hobbit.

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