How Much Does Vaping Cost?

People taking a vape hit on the street or in a social gathering is a common sight nowadays. It is primarily because of the wide range of feature-packed vaping devices available in the market.

However, before buying one, you must extensively research the experience it can offer, be it the flavors or vape hits. But surpassing these factors, there is another important aspect to consider, i.e., the price.

The cost of a vape depends on various parameters. So, if you want to vape affordably, keep reading this article and learn all the factors that play a significant role in deciding your vaping expenses.

The average cost of a vape


Vaping devices come in various forms, sizes, and shapes. Each version has its distinct characteristics, making it better than its precursor.

For beginners, the cost of a basic vape is pretty cheap. They are easily available, starting at as low as $6. With an upgrade in the device, the cost will increase accordingly.

On the contrary, you can also get high-end devices like box mods and vape pods in the market. These are advanced vapes recommended for professionals with the adequate vaping experience. Depending on the device’s specifications, these can cost around $10 to $60.

Overall, vapes come in many price ranges. However, in the case of disposables, they have a lower upfront cost but will be a recurring expenditure every time the e-juice is exhausted.

Thus, disposables are usually recommended for beginners who aren’t sure of their future vaping journey. And Hyde vapes are a great choice for disposables. In addition, the impressive price of Hyde, from $9.99 to $22.99, coupled with the device variety, will make the vaping experience an exciting one.

Factors affecting the price of a vape

The price of a vape reflects its traits and quality. It also indicates the durability and longevity of your puff buddy.

So, here are some factors that influence the price of vaping.

1. Device Type

There are several options when it comes to the type of vaping device. Some common ones are vape pens, mods, pod systems, and cigalikes. Each comes with its structure, attributes, pros, and cons.

Similarly, each has its price range. Disposable vape pens tend to cost less than pod systems. This is because of the better and more advanced features the latter provides.

2. Puff Count

Puff count is the number of hits you can draw from the device. It varies with the brand and device type. So, you must learn about the approximate puff count when purchasing the device itself.

Beginners usually go with devices having lower puff counts, which costs less. But as you gain experience, you can choose vapes with higher puff counts. These tend to come at higher prices since the hits are more in number and effective.

3. Battery Life

Are you looking for durable vapes that will last for days? Then, the battery life is where your focus should be.

You can find devices with battery life ranging from 650 mAh to 2200 mAh. Better the battery life, the longer the device lasts.

Rechargeable vape pens are also available, which can be easily recharged using Micro USB or Type C charging cables. Of course, the time taken to charge depends hugely on the battery life too. But with these features, the cost gets higher as the ease of use is guaranteed.

4. Vape Juice

Vape juice, also called e-juice or e-liquid, is the basis for a perfect hit. It is an essential factor in determining the cost of a vape.

The vape juice in some devices is refillable. However, in recent devices, vape juice comes prefilled.

Usually, vaping devices with prefilled e-liquid cost less. But vapes, where the e-juice has to be purchased separately, cost more, given the additional cost of refilling. The e-juice is usually available in bottles ranging from 10mL to 100mL.

5. Technology

A beginner’s vaping device has great features to offer these days. With each vape offering better usage and portability, the technology is evolving too. The more newfangled the features, the higher the cost of the vape.

Many vapes now have LED lights acting as battery-level indicators. Also, the vape juice level indicators show when it’s time to buy a new one or refill. Not to forget the rechargeable devices, which make vaping simpler!

Cost of various vaping devices

The cost of a vape varies based on the factors mentioned above. So now, take a look at the average price of various vaping devices.

Vape Pens

Vape Pens, especially disposable vape pens, are now gaining popularity amongst vaping enthusiasts. It is a common choice for beginners too.

Disposable vapes can usually be purchased for a price starting from around $6 to about $35. Advanced disposable vape pens priced up to $50 can also be found. The upgraded versions can be used for longer durations throughout the day.

Vape Pod

In this type of vape, the pod plays the role of a tank. It contains the coil and e-liquid, where the latter can either be prefilled or refillable.

These usually offer better vape hits and robust vapor. A basic vape pod or pod systems cost around $20 and can go up to $30.

Pod systems with finer features priced at $50 are also available. These come with better battery life and flavorful hits.

Vape Box Mod

Box mods are advanced vaping devices with customizable battery attachments. In addition, the power and wattage are adjustable, making it a go-to choice for many vape fans.

Owing to its superlative features and compact box shape, it tends to cost more than the above devices. These vapes fall in a price range of $35 to $150. In the case of superior features, the cost can also rise to $150.

So, the price ranges are based on the devices commonly purchased and the usual requirements of vapers. Depending on the type of experience and familiarity with vapes, you can choose the right one for yourself. However, ensure that the cost fits well with your budgetary constraints too.


Vaping is not just a way to wind down; it is a style statement too. Now that you know the price ranges buy the next device while bearing this in mind. It is essential, especially when you vape regularly.

So, avoid splurging on your vapes; make your next purchase responsibly!

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