How Much Money Do I Need To Buy Cryptocurrency?

The exponential growth of cryptocurrency is sky-high, and the beating returns are enough to let new investors take their chances whenever they want. As a new entrant to the market, it is common for you to be mentally flooded with questions like whether the investment is good or not and whether there is a reliable and profitable way of investing in it.

Apart from these questions, you can also think of a strategy that will help you stay solid when the market witnesses any random change in its trend or pattern.

You can have these questions in your head but not let them come in the way of trading and prevent you from taking the ideal steps.

How Much Money Should You Use For Cryptocurrency Trading


The first thing is that all investors should keep a part of their income or savings as a part of investment capital. People can go for different kinds of investments, and bitcoin or cryptocurrency investments are one of them. Out of the total money you have set aside in the form of investment capital, only 5 to 30% of the amount should be directed toward cryptocurrency trading.

It is self-explanatory that investing 5% will keep you safe and free from significant risks and losses. When you opt for 30% investment capital towards cryptos, the stakes will be higher. However, you are an experienced player and a good dealer with random market shifts and can study the trend analysis. In that case, you can go for a higher note of investment that can be 15 to 50% of your total capital investment.

However, the stakes are super high, and you should only go with something like this if you are sure about your decisions and the returns.

Investments in cryptocurrency need not be complicated. You can choose a reliable platform to begin your trading journey from. Also, you can visit platforms like to learn the cryptocurrency investments. After you sign up on the trading platform, you need to make an account for payment purposes. The amount of capital is at risk; hence, you should choose a safer side when beginning.

You can deposit a minimum amount of $10 in the account. You can use your cards or e-wallets for the same. Also, you can choose the crypto in which you want to begin dealing. You can select the amount you want to buy these currencies.

Steps To Make The Correct Investment Decision

If you still have doubtful thoughts about the investment, you will find many investors following the same route as yours. It is better to start smoothly instead of witnessing significant roadblocks in the middle that can shake your confidence.

So, the first step is already discussed with you. You can begin with small amounts like $10. With time, you can increase this amount. The best time to increase the amount is after you understand the market, the currencies, and your experiences as an investor.

The new and old investors swear by one rule: the budget they have in their minds is divided. Now, you might be thinking about the basis of such a division.

The division should be based on the time frame you want to spend the decided amount of money if you wish to go for a monthly investment or a periodic investment of 3 months, 4 months, 6 months, or even 12 months. When you divide the amount into a time frame, you land yourself in a better position that prevents you from making mistakes that can cost you vast amounts at more prominent stages in a transaction.

Does The Time Division Matter

When you can divide the investment budget and decision periodically, you can reconsider your decisions. Also, it will help you analyze the risks that are a part of the transaction or the factors that can turn up as risks in the upcoming time and have the ability to impact the transactions or the kind of results one can expect from them.

You can save money and invest it in other forms that promise good results. Hence, the overall situation is profitable for you. Decision revaluations are a must, and you can consider using this time to reevaluate your decisions.

Factors To Consider While Putting Money In Cryptocurrency


If you are trying to invest in the bitcoin, or any other cryptocurrency for that matter, there are some factors to consider that are as follows:

  • The first factor to consider is the risk that is associated with the amount of investment.
  • It can appear bizarre, but you need to consider the profitability of the investment. It came true in 2017 when this market was booming. The investors ended up investing all their life savings, but the result was that they became billionaires. However, don’t go over the top. It would help if you were reasonable when it comes to the investments.
  • Cryptocurrencies have a natural tendency to follow the trends that exist in the market. So, the gig is that the market is home to repeated market cycles and the surges are quick, leading to bubble creation. But, this will burst if you are quick with making decisions while the prices surge or reduce.
  • Also, the ever-evolving market changes people’s minds, and it can reflect in their actions, too.
  • If you choose diversification, you have a better hand at enhancing your chances of getting better returns.

The volatility of the cryptocurrency market is known to all. So, the gig is to invest the amount of money you will be comfortable with, even if you lose it. Also, the investment levels should not hamper your ability to make a call regarding the judgment or decision.



Ultimately, the decision of what to invest in and how much to invest in it belongs to you only. There are many market factors for you to consider. Still, they should be corroborated with your understanding of risk tolerance, your ability to study and interpret market trends, and the amount of money you are comfortable putting at stake. So, your final call should be a combination of all these factors.

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