How Much Should Wedding Centerpieces Cost?

Wedding centerpieces have become the most used decorations for the wedding table. Hardly would you come to a wedding recently where you won’t find any kind of centerpiece for the table decoration. As a result, there have been different types of centerpieces introduced for wedding decor.
These types of centerpieces come with different price tags. Some are expensive while some are moderately expensive depending on your budget.

Are you interested in buying centerpieces for a decoration contract? Are you looking for information on how much centerpieces cost? If yes, you are at the right place. This article is going to discuss how much centerpieces cost.

The cost of your wedding centerpiece is dependent on the kind of centerpiece you choose. For instance, when you choose traditional flowers, it is likely to be more expensive. Visit here to get a cost-effective flower vase stand.

The cost of your centerpiece will greatly depend on the kind of centerpiece you’re looking for. Some centerpieces are very cheap, but in general, budget around $5 – $500 for centerpieces.

We know some people would still be wondering about the types of centerpieces that are affordable. The following kinds of centerpieces are affordable.

Affordable Kinds Of Centerpieces

We know some people would still be wondering about the types of centerpieces that they can get which are affordable. The following kinds of centerpieces are affordable;

(1) Flower Centerpieces


Flower centerpieces are very affordable kinds of centerpieces. However, the Selection of flowers that suit you best is a difficult task. It can be hard to decide what you want and this may be a result of the varieties of flowers.
Notwithstanding consideration of flowers such as roses is always a beautiful fulfillment for the centerpiece and is also affordable.

(2) Floral Garland

The stretching of the garland over the table builds this special feeling of love and prestige. What is even more beautiful is that it is very affordable.

So if you desire something romantic and affordable, why not try a floral garland? You can create an inclusive garland that extends the length of the table. This makes the table look awesome.

(3) Vases

Vases are great centerpieces for tables and they are also very affordable. A Vase centerpiece carried along with it a simple yet impactful outlook.

If you are considering affordable wedding centerpieces, then you must not exclude a variety of vases.
This is a delicate and sensible way to take in simplicity when decorating your tables.

If you want an exclusive vase, you can make arrangements of flowers right inside a different mixture of vessels.

(4) Fresh Fruits

Fresh fruits are mostly an overlooked accessory of wedding centerpieces. They don’t just make the table look natural but they are also an affordable kind of centerpiece. It conveys a unique feeling of simplicity and naturality.

Adding fresh fruits to your centerpieces boosts the beautiful designs and enhances the color of the day. Fruits like strawberries, oranges, peaches, apples, and pineapples project the in-depth beautification of your wedding centerpieces.

(5) Use of Lanterns

Lanterns serve as a great piece of the centerpiece and the good news is that certain types of lanterns are very affordable.

They are best for outdoor recognition and add elegance to your wedding reception.
Lanterns come with an extraordinary touch of beauty. They make an evident statement in the event venue and are not too costly.

(6) Candles

Candles are very affordable centerpieces for wedding tables. It is a great idea for people who can’t afford exclusive wedding centerpieces. We will advise that if you are going for candles you go with colored candles. The use of white colors is also prevalent at wedding receptions.

However, the addition of some other colors at your wedding in its sophisticated styles is a boom. It comes with a romantic and dramatic look. Color candles give out a bit of warmth and dignity. It ushers in a glow that cannot be compared.

(7) Marson Bottles

Marson bottles are widespread in many wedding receptions. They are also used as centerpieces to beautify the table. Good thing is that they are not too costly. Its glittering nature sends sparkles to the event venue.
It comes with flowers planted inside of it. It is one among numerous wedding centerpieces that display premium beauty.

(8) Wood Centerpiece

The use of wood in wedding centerpieces is a unique idea. It is mostly suitable for a traditional reception. Obtaining wood boxes comes along with a combination of plants and they are not also too costly.

The wooden letters can be used to express happy words and congratulatory messages to the couple.


Whatever your budget from $5, you can be able to get a suitable centerpiece for your wedding table. However, you should note that cheap centerpieces may not be as exclusive as you want them to be. You can create your centerpiece from DIY materials. That is if you want something exclusive and affordable.

We hope this article has been able to answer your question about how much a centerpiece can cost. I believe we have also clarified for you the different affordable centerpieces you can use to beautify your wedding tables.

Feel free to drop your comments on what you think about these affordable centerpieces and kindly tell us the cheapest wedding centerpiece you have ever bought.

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