How to Measure Your Child’s Ring Size: A Simple Guide for Parents

When our loved ones are young they get showered with plenty of gifts. Usually, we’re talking about toys and that’s nice. Once they get a little bit older, the types of gifts we present to them change. In no time, your toddler is old enough to be wearing a ring. Rings are nice presents. Valuable ones. They can last a lifetime, or at least until the fingers on your child are too big. Of course, the memory can be preserved and the ring can be stored away for future generations.

The one issue that a ring as a gift can pose is its size. For kids, who are growing and their physique changing, hitting the right size can be troublesome. This is an issue every parent has encountered sooner or later. So, if you’re o a hunt for a child’s ring, and you do not know how to measure the size, you’ve come to the right place. First of all, if you’re looking for girls rings, you can find here what you’re looking for. Secondly, we’re going to cover the basics of child’s ring measurements below in the article.

Ring Sizes For Kids


The good news is that you’re not the first parent who wants to buy his kid a ring. This is a tradition of sorts. So, it’s good to know that there are standard measurements put in place by professionals. Every ring has a clear measurement and it is usually written on the inside of the ring. These measurements are what’s called the diameter of a ring. Depending on the country where you live these measurements are taken in either millimeters or inches. If you’re buying a ring for a one-year-old, you need to know that the diameter of this ring is 41mm. With age, the size grows, and for a three-year-old, this measurement is 42.9mm. for children aged 5 to 9, the measurement varies from 44.8mm to 48.7mm. for twelve-year-olds, it’s set at 51.9mm.

Of course, these are not universal measures, and your kid could have smaller or bigger fingers. What this means is that you’ll still need to measure their ring size even if you’re aware of this scale. How to do it? Let’s see.

How to Measure a Child’s Ring Size?

The child’s ring size measurements start with their knuckles. This is the first thing you need to take into consideration. If they have larger measurements in this department you need to aim at bigger rings than the scale suggests. We’re talking at least half a size bigger ring. In the end, all that matters is for the young one to feel comfortable wearing one. The best way to ensure that you get the size right is to conduct the measurement process a few times, as there are factors such as heat, diet, and most recent activity that can affect the finger size. Now, let’s move to the measurement process itself. What can you do?

Floss & String Method


The old ways are the best. It is not hard to imagine that this method was used back in the middle ages when a noble kid required a new ring. The method is quite simple, and it’s what makes it so great. All you need is a piece of string or a floss. Next, take the base of your child’s finger and wrap the floss around it. Once you wrap it around, in the area where the two parts of the floss connect you need to mark them on both ends. Once you’ve done this, stretch the floss and take a ruler or tape and you’ll have the exact measurement in millimeters. It’s as simple as that. While this method is great, we’re not done yet. Let’s move to one, more modern solution.

A Ring Sizer

A ring sizer sounds like something a jeweler would use, and that is true, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have one at home. The best part is that we’re not talking about an expensive tool. Instead, it is quite cheap and everyone can afford one. In today’s tie and age, the best route to take is to order one online. It is one of the most straightforward ways to take ring measurements at home. What you want to know is that it comes in two forms. You have the standard keyring that can alter its size to determine the kid’s ring size and others in the form of a thin measuring tape. Both can be used for kids of all sizes and ages. It is always great to have a ring sizer if you have a large family circle.

Charting a Pre-owned Ring


Many families around the world have their family jewelry given to younger generations. So, if you want to know that your kind is all set and ready to wear your ring, you just need to take its measurements on the chart. Most charts can have their measurements printed out to form paper rings. Just compare the two and you’re all set to go.

Which Type of a Ring Should You Buy For Your Kid?

As you’re probably aware, the jewelry market is high as ever. There are all types of rings available even for children. While it wouldn’t be wise to buy too expensive a ring for a young one as the kids might not be aware of their value and could potentially lose something valuable, you still can’t buy them anything. One of the best and standard options out there are gold rings. The reasons are simple. They’re safe in terms of their metal property, they’re valuable and attractive, and their value will grow with time. The best part is that the gold doesn’t diminish either in value or in appearance.

Bottom Line

So, the next time you need to shop rings for your kid you will not have any issues finding the right size. Taking a ring measurement is not too hard. Once you do it and pick the right option for your loved one, all that is left is to give them a surprise. There’s nothing better than a ring that fits as a glove.

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