How To Stop Nude Polish Streaking

Nude and lighter colors are the top pick for this year. But for many these polishes leave unattractive streaks. In this article we will do a short set of tops how to avoid polish streaking and how can you keep your nails perfect.

Usually done by professionals, nude and subtle colors are not easy to put on. These usually will stream and if you apply it unevenly it can be a real issue. Contrary to opaque blacks and bright colors that can be more easily applied, nudes or creamy whites are more durable.

So if you are not able to take care of your nails every week, let’s do some quick tips on how to keep them perfect.

Clean Your Nails

Before applying your first coat, make sure to clean your nails with polish remover. This will prevent dust from getting under your sheer polish or oil residues. You need to make sure that they are completely clean as any dirt or residue will leave the stroke uneven. Make sure that you use good nail polish to remove your previous color.

Hide The Imperfections

You can make imperfections less obvious by applying a glossy topcoat or a lighter shade that reflects light to your nail polish. This will prolong the life of your nails and make them look nicer.

Apply Multiple Coats

You need at the minimum two coats of the nail polish. At best you would need three or four very thing layers where you will get the full glossy look.

Get The Right Color

You need to get something that will go with your skin. The general rule is to get something lighter than you skin color. For someone who is just trying nudes and lighter shades maybe you should get something a tad bit darker for your first time to practice a bit.

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