How to Tell Good from Bad Quality Cookware?

The kitchen renovation is always a good time for you to start changing other appliances. While this may look like too big of an investment, it doesn’t have to be like that. You can always keep some of the things you had, and add some items that could make it even more stylish, and more importantly, useful.

Sure, many people would think that choosing new ones is something that can be done in a couple of hours. The truth is, you should commit yourself completely until you find the proper ones. In case you don’t know where to start looking at these, then you should visit Cookinglife,or imarku (offers various collection of both pots and pans sets and kitchen knives as well.)

One of the more important problems you might face is the quality of the cookware you will come across. For that reason, you must know all the little signs that tell you how to recognize quality from bad-duality pieces. Without further ado, let’s check out some of the most significant tips.


The first thing you should pay attention to is weight. As you can presume, these should be heavy enough to sustain the heat inflicted on them. At the same time, there should not be any sort of food scorching. That should be the focus, no matter what sort of material we are talking about, right?

The easiest way you can determine the weight of a certain item is to use your knuckles. Yes, we are serious about this claim. Knock on the item and see how it sounds. If the sound produced is somewhat massive, then you are looking at a proper piece. On the other side, the light sound resembles bad quality.

Another way you can do it is to compare these sounds with the sounds of cookware you already own. Naturally, the only condition is that you already own some high-quality pieces. If that’s the case, perform this kind of test and compare it with the ones you are about to purchase. It is a simple test.


Next, pay attention to materials. While this decision should rely solely on your needs and preferences, it needs to be said that there are a couple of materials that are simply better than others. You will surely agree with the fact that stainless steel is the most popular option by a vast majority of buyers out there.

We can say that this option is one of the best you can make when purchasing these. The reason is that they’re durable and secure, and cleaning them doesn’t need too much effort. Plus, the material guarantees that the food put inside with not stick to the surface of the cookware.

If you are interested in exploring other options, then you should look at cast iron and copper. However, they come with a completely different string of needs. For instance, you will need to invest significantly more time into cleaning them. If you don’t have any problem with these, then you should look at them.

Layers and Coating

Let’s say you want to purchase some new stainless steel cookware. One of the aspects you should pay attention to is the layering and coating. The more of them are there, the quality of a certain item is higher. It needs to be said that these layered systems will ensure heat distribution in all sources.

Many people do not understand that testing these is not the same as checking the weight. Therefore, you should consult with the seller about this aspect. Since the seller should point out all the characteristics of the products they sell, you can find out about them easily.

The commonest types you will common across are three-ply, five-ply, and seven-ply. The three-ply ones have two additional layers of aluminum and copper. The five-ply ones consist of two additional layers of stainless steel besides the existing ones. The seven-ply ones are more complex than these two.


In case you are interested in obtaining cookware that doesn’t require too much maintenance to operate efficiently, you should be careful enough when making a decision. We will surely agree that a vast majority of people out there are interested in keeping the need for maintenance at a minimum.

Once again, a lot of it depends on the material you opt for. For example, cast iron usually requires more work than stainless steel. When it comes to the damage caused by heat or any other aspect, things can become somewhat more complex, mainly the items that are, let’s say, older. No matter how durable they are.

In case you want any of these pieces to look spotless, then you should mainly commit to proper cleaning. Many are not aware of the fact that the cleaning also depends on the material. Some of them require more effort, due to the food sticking to the bottom of the cookware.

The Price and Reputation

The last aspect we want to talk about is probably the most complex one, the price. The price doesn’t always resemble the quality. Paying $100 for something doesn’t mean that it has better quality than the item that is worth $10. But, paying attention to the brand can give you a little bit of insight.

Surely, there are many brands out there that claim they provide their customers with the highest possible quality. But that doesn’t always mean this is the truth. Therefore, you should focus on those who have proven themselves as brands that sell quality products.

You can do that by looking at the brands whose products you already own. It is the best thing you can do. In case you are not sure about this, then ask anyone who has experience with purchasing these products. So, you can see that the price is not a major factor. The reputation and experience are much better tests.

The Bottom Line

Choosing the cookware that will meet your standards is not always easy. In this article of ours, we’ve provided you with a couple of tips you can use to determine the quality of the cookware you want to purchase. We’re sure you will find each of them useful.

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