Driving Success: HR Logistic And Hiring Strategy For Global Expansion

Proper human resource management and logistics are quintessential if you want your business to have a global footprint.

Without the right team and the correct expertise, you will never be able to crack major international deals.

Fortunately, there are companies like Via employer of record that can help you make local hiring, make immigration seamless and make global compliance easy. Having a solid hiring strategy that delivers results is not easy. So this blog post will help you to formulate the right strategy that will give the best results.

Tips To Have A Solid Hiring Strategy

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Hire Local For Each Market That You Want To Expand To

Your company’s headquarters may be located in New York, but that does not mean you will hire your entire team exclusively from places in and around New York. In fact, when you are planning on a global expansion, you must hire locally from the market where you want to establish yourself. Say, for instance, you are a big brand in New York, but you want to expand to South America. So if you are hiring for your office in Columbia or Argentina, hire from the locals in those countries.

Some of the top brass may move from the parent company, but it is best if the majority of the employees are hired locally. Hiring locally has several distinct advantages, and some of them are discussed below.

  •  Hiring Locally Gives Greater Local Acceptance

When your company hires people locally, you are creating local employment. So the chances of local resistance to your company’s expansion are minimum. Moreover, when you move across continents, culture and language often become huge barriers. But when you hire locally, your staff will speak the local language, and this will ensure that local dealings with upstream and downstream industries will become free of hassles

  • Easier To Comply With Norms And Legislation

Most countries have labor laws that any company, local or foreign, has to comply with. Labour laws deal with matters related to industrial relations (holidays, bonuses etc.) and social security norms (pensions, insurance etc.). Now the standards for holidays, maximum normal work hours, age of employment, pensions, insurance, etc., vary from one country to another. If you hire locally, it will be easier for you to comply with local labor laws as most of the employees will be in line with the standards and norms applicable in their home country.

  • Easier To Comply With Immigration Norms

When you hire a person from one country and expect him to work in another country, complying with immigration norms becomes a nightmare. Most immigration authorities expect an employer to be a guarantor for their employee’s ability to survive in a foreign nation. So if you do not want to have regular dealings with the immigration offices, then you can hire locally except for a few high-ranking managerial posts that require global migration.

Cross Check A Candidate’s References

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Most companies look at a candidate’s past experiences and professional degrees before offering a job. However, it is essential to cross a candidate’s references before actually hiring someone. At times what looks good on paper does not translate well in a working environment. So if a candidate has worked in some company, call them and find out about a candidate’s skills and fallacies before making an offer.

Hire A Team That Has A Long Term Vision For Growth

If you want your business to expand exponentially, you need a team with a long-term vision. A team that thinks in terms of short-term goals can never achieve long-term success. So when you are hiring someone, check if they have the aptitude to have a grand vision.

It is also essential that their vision is in line with the company’s overall goals and objectives. Only when the goals and objectives of the company and each employee are in line with each other, then only can there be synergistic growth.

Tips For Having A Solid HR Logistics Strategy

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Hiring a good team is the foundation of having a successful business. But merely having a good team is not enough. You must manage the HR logistics well enough to see the results. So here are some tips to have a good HR logistics strategy.

Customize Local Contracts

Managing a global team is not easy. So it is better to customize local contracts that respect both the local norms and also the foundational principles of the company. A customized local contract will have social security norms, reimbursements, and lay-off-related rules in line with the local country. So it will be easy to comply with those norms, and the chances of running into country-specific litigation are also minimum.

Work With A Company That Makes Global HR Logistics Easy

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There are companies that make it easy to comply with labor norms, easily access documents, make payments/ reimbursements and also give 24×7 support. If you crack a deal with such a company, you can rest assured that staff mobility across nations will not be a barrier any longer.

These companies take care of all short and long-term human-resource-related issues that you may face. Moreover, they just handle the paperwork, but the intellectual property related to your employees remains protected.


Hiring a good and efficient team is one of the most crucial decisions that makes or breaks the future of a company. When you are planning on global expansion, the HR (human resource) decisions move beyond hiring the most eligible candidate. You must hire in a way that local laws are respected, immigration norms are complied with, and local cultures are respected.

Hence, if a company does not have the machinery to design customized contracts, ensure seamless immigration and offer 24X7 support in a foreign land, they can take the help of a global HR management company. The HR management company will take care of the HR logistics-related needs of the company, and the top management can focus on their core functions instead of running after HR issues on a regular basis.

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