5 In Trend Modern Mehndi Outfits – 2024

If it’s the season of weddings then how can we not plan for the most awaited mehndi outfit? Get your looks with extraordinary twists along with trends. Discover the latest modern outfits for mehndi for 2024!

5 Trends Of 2024 That Will Amaze You

1. Combination of Pastel-on-solid on Lehenga

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As the fashion concepts over years are drastically changing, also the wedding preps are different from the earlier ones. Here you can use a pastel colored fabric with solid colours instead of the green for a contrivance.

For your convenience, for example: we take a bright/pale yellow lehenga with pink embroidering and a complex dupatta sidley addressed with heavy head jewelry. And there you get going as perfect in the mehndi outfit!

2. Elegance With Floral Lehengas

Embrace your piece of lehenga with floral designs. This is the most trending in 2024 as people are attracted to the floral Lehengas because of their classy, aromatic appearance. You can pull out a florally designed lehenga along with a blouse of same material but a dupatta of contrasting colour. If we use contrasting colours to highlight the lehengas especially for the occasion like mehndi, it’s eye-catching and adorable. Jewelry might depend here on the person as the lehenga-blouse already has a lot of floral designs. It also needs to be kept in mind that with or without jewelry you will be the show-stealer.

3. Shirt And Skirt Combo

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Anushka Sharma’s Mehndi Lehenga? Any clue? After Anushka got decorated herself with a kind of baggy teal top and yellow-pink lehenga, the internet world was viral with the ethnicity of her garment. Since then the most comfortable shirt and skirt became quite famous.

For you to try this type of lehenga brag in the graceful pleasant colours for the blouse along with fusionist contrasting colour that matches the blouse. And there you go!

4. Dhoti Pants With Slit Saree Drape

For mehndi celebrations in India, how much ever you adore, it’s less. But here’s an excellent option to switch yourself to an indo-western blend. Dhoti Pants along with a blouse and saree is all you need to transform yourself.

Firstly keep yourself ready with the dhoti pants, then drape the saree keeping a middle slit. Enrich your look with a dash of light jewelry and a pearl acquainted with Kamar patta. Enjoy your big day with a hyper look!

5. White Apparel

The neutral colour white which goes well with any colour can make you a heart stealer on your mehndi day. Match your favorite color plain blouse with white light embroidered lehenga with side net dupatta along with the essence of accessories. This kind of apparel gives you a rich look while also knacking the customs. Enhance the beauty of white with a cultural flavour, check out some models at Nihal Fashions.

Mehndi celebrations are the aesthetic culture celebration pre-wedding, which is a dream of every girl and to look adorable on this special occasion try the above apparel of 2024 to reinvent your style and keep slaying on your big day!

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