Is It Safe To Give Someone Your IMEI Number – 2024 Guide

IMEI stands for International Mobile Station Equipment Identity, a number utilized to recognize a gadget that is connected to a terrestrial cellular network. When you utilize your mobile to make a call or use your data plan to access the Internet offered by your cellular carrier, you are using the terrestrial cellular network. It is named “terrestrial” as it connects via planet-side antennas rather than satellites.

The IMEI standard applies to all terrestrial cellular network devices. So, it includes 3G, 4G, and 5G tablets, computers with older PCMCIA or newer integrated PCIe 4G LTE or 5G wireless cards, and other smartphone devices. You will get two International Mobile Station Equipment Identity numbers if your mobile has a dual sim option, which means one number for each SIM slot.

Purpose Of IMEI Number

The primary purpose of an IMEI number is to identify a device. It is used to recognize mobile devices and model numbers and for tracking purposes as well. Every mobile has an IMEI number, and it is possible to track cell phones if you know this code.

Your IMEI is tracked by your carrier and on rare occasions, by the manufacturer. While their primary purpose is to observe your gadget, they also serve as a hindrance to theft. If you remember your phone’s International Mobile Station Equipment Identity number, you can use it to lock the phone when it is stolen.

The IMEI is a globally unique identifier that is based on the phone’s model instead of the SIM card. It ensures that even if the robber switches SIM cards, you will be able to track it down. As this code is unique to each phone model, it is hard-coded into device hardware. Thieves can try to alter this code, but it will be impossible unless they are experts and have the required skills.

Even if the International Mobile Station Equipment Identity code is changed, there is a possibility the device will be damaged. Furthermore, if your carrier discovers that your phone has been looted, they have the chance to block the IMEI from using the network. It essentially shuts the robber by protecting all of your personal information and data. This code can be blacklisted by networks other than your carrier.

Is It Considered Safe To Let Others Know Your IMEI Number?

No. Only a few people, including you, the merchant, and the mobile manufacturer, are aware of the IMEI Number, which is a unique number allocated to each gadget. It is nearly hard for someone else to discover this code in typical circumstances. However, if they possess the mobile box or the cell phone itself, it will be possible to know the IMEI number.

Sharing your IMEI code with anyone would be dangerous because it records you and your phone’s location. Your privacy will be jeopardized since they may be able to track you using it. This code might also be used by the government to trace you. The International Mobile Station Equipment Identity code can also be used for a variety of serious crimes. By disclosing this code, you are already spreading your present location.

People can read your messages if you give out your IMEI or post it on social media sites. In addition to that, they can check your call logs, which puts your privacy at risk. Messages and phone conversations can be monitored as well. With the International Mobile Station Equipment Identity number, it is possible to track all of your calls, chats, and most phone activity.

Furthermore, criminals can utilize your IMEI to frame you for their own crimes, which is possible to accomplish by replacing your code with their own. As the government utilizes the International Mobile Station Equipment Identity code to trace skeptical people, they can assume you are linked to them. It is terrifying to consider what someone could do with a single piece of data. It is relatively worrying to know that someone with unlawful intent has access to your IMEI.

If you believe someone knows this security number and you are concerned that they will use it for illegal purposes, you can call a lawyer or immediately reach out to the law enforcement agency to have it recorded. As a result, if someone uses your International Mobile Station Equipment Identity number for illegal purposes or to frame you, you will be protected by the law.

How To Find My IMEI Number

If you want to know your International Mobile Station Equipment Identity number, it is better to visit Other than that, you can know this code easily by the following methods.

Technique 1: Type *#06#
  • It is the easiest way to know this code. All you have to do is go to the phone’s dialer and type *#06# in the box.
  • All of the information about your IMEI will appear after you have completed this. This method is compatible with both Android, like Oppo and iPhone mobiles.

Technique 2: Check Settings

  • You can also try going into your device’s settings to know this number. In the settings, tap the “About phone” tab, which will provide you with all the information you need. It also contains the IMEI.
  • If you are using an iPhone model, tap the settings menu. Then, select “General” from the drop-down menu. It will take you to a page that shows the “About phone” tab. Your International Mobile Station Equipment Identity code will be displayed when you select that option.

Technique 3: Check Your Phone

  • Your IMEI code can be found on a sticker attached to your battery on Android phones. All you have to do is unwrap your phone and peek under the battery to locate it.
  • See the small print on the back of your mobile if you are an iPhone user. If not, you can look in your SIM tray and find this code in its entirety. Your phone’s serial number will also be included.

Bottom Line

As you know the significance of your IMEI number now, make sure not to share it with anyone to avoid the risk of your phone getting hacked. In case if your International Mobile Station Equipment Identity number is stolen, it is better to report it at the nearby police station or contact your lawyer.

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