Jack Reacher 3 Release Date – Renewed or Canceled

Jack Reacher is another addition to the list of movies performed by the famous Hollywood star Tom Cruise. Tom has been a household name after his Mission Impossible franchise and has earned the reputation for being one of the highly paid and best actors in the industry, if not an Academy Award. Anyway, jokes aside, when Jack Reacher was first released into cinemas, the makers anticipated the same level of success as Mission Impossible and as a matter of fact, it did fairly well at the box office.

However, season 2 was a nightmare for the team, when the film failed miserably at gaining audience interest and receiving a good rating on IMDB. Though there might be different reasons for this, the major reason is the cast. The audience was not satisfied with Tom Cruise playing the Jack Reacher and therefore, the third sequel of the film has been held till now with the audience in confusion. Hence, we have brought this article to address all your confusion regarding the updates of Jack Reacher 3 and whether it will be released on our screens any time soon or not.

Jack Reacher 3 Release Date: Renewed or Canceled?

Jack Reacher as Tom Cruise; Creators Point of View


Tom Cruise has been the face of some of the famous Hollywood action movies including Mission Impossible, Edge of Tomorrow, Top Edge, etc. The actor has also played the leading role in the movie Jack Reacher which is a detective, crime-action movie. The story focuses on the life of Jack Reacher, a former military police investigator, who reaches Georgia to solve a case, however, gets arrested before he properly begins investigating the case and the movie continues with action and an engaging plotline.

The movie was first released in 2012 and performed well at the box office with an overall earning of 218 million dollars during its theatrical run. Afterward, the second season of the movie was released in 2016, but failed to gain audience interest and was not well received among the audience. The main reason for this is said to be the casting of Cruise as the Jack Reacher.

According to the writer of the movie Lee Child and various lovers of the actual novel, the popular American actors do not fit the criteria required for the character of Jack Reacher. Moreover, the writers reported that although it was fun working with Cruise, ultimately the personality of the actor did not complement the character, which was a major reason for its failure at the box office. Now, the audience is confused about whether a third season of the movie will be released in the cinema or not.

Future of Jack Reacher 3


Well on a serious note, there is no future for Jack Reacher 3. Even if there is a slight chance, it is confirmed that we will not see Tom Cruise as the main actor. The reason for this is not only the reception of the actor as Jack Reacher among the audience but also the focus of the actor on other projects at this time.

The Hollywood actor is busy shooting the latest season of Mission Impossible after which he would be working on another project entitled SpaceX. Various sources have revealed that the actor would be actually going to outer space for shooting the movie and therefore, will have no time to return as Jack Reacher on our screens.

Jack Reacher 3; Cast and Crew

Although there is no news about the release of Jack Reacher 3, the audience is speculating that apart from the veteran actor Tom Cruise, the other members of the cast would be the same for the third season. It is also speculated that an entirely new face may be casted to play the role of Jack Reacher if makers decide to release the third season. The cast of the previous 2 seasons included Tom Cruise as Jack Reacher, Rosamund Pike as Helen Rodin, and Richard Jenkins as Alex Rodin.

Small Screen Jack Reacher

Although there is no chance for another sequel of Jack Reacher 3 on the big screen, Amazon Price has decided to make a screenplay on the movie which will begin from season 1 and focus on the visit of the main character Jack to Georgia to investigate a case. The writer Lee Child is also in contact with Paramount TV and SkyDance TV for the selection of the main lead for the project.

It is expected that the face of DC Titans, a popular TV series, David Richson will play Jack Reacher in the upcoming TV series. Similarly, the audience is also speculating that other cast members might return to play their characters in the drama or if the third version of the movie is released.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Tom Cruise in Jack Reacher 3?

No, although it is a dead-end for the Jack Reacher Franchise, there is no chance for Tom Cruise to play Jack Reacher even if there is a third season of the movie. This is mainly due to audience reception as well as the busy schedule of the actor which leaves him no time for shooting another sequel for the movie.

Will there be another Jack Reacher Series?

Although there won’t be any other movie for Jack Reacher, however, Amazon Prime Video has announced that it will be releasing a TV series on the novel of the same name which will focus on the investigation of the character when he reaches Georgia in order to solve a mysterious case. It is anticipated that actor David Richson will be cast as the main lead in the series.

Why is Tom Cruise no longer Jack Reacher?

Although the actor was signed to play the Jack Reacher in the first two installments of the movie, he was not well-received by the audience. It was revealed that the actor’s personality and physique does not match the physical description of the character in the book and did not satisfy the audience’s interest in the movie. Therefore, it is speculated that Tom Cruise will not play Jack Reacher anymore.

Wrapping Up

Whether it is a fan of Jack Reacher or a movie critic, everybody is confused about the release of the third installment in the Jack Reacher Franchise. This is because there has been no official statement about the release of the movie from the makers. Another question that has been unanswered yet is whether the seasoned actor Tom Cruise will be cast to play Jack Reacher in season 3.

But we have brought you some inside news and updates to clear your confusion regarding the same. So, read the article about Jack Reacher 3, to satisfy your curiosity about the current commitments of the actor and the expected release of the movie.

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