What To Put Around Your House To Keep Mice And Rats Away?

Have you noticed any rats and mice on your property? Are there rat traces on your valuables? If that’s a yes, you should be concerned since rodents have already been infesting your house! Rats are sneaky pests that no one wants on their property. Even organizations would prefer not to have rats because the problems can cause significant harm and displease customers.

If you are experiencing a pest infestation in your space, hiring a licensed professional contractor in Los Angeles will ensure that your home is pest-free without taking too much time. Reliable service providers, like Rodent Control Inc, can help you with rodent control by taking the required measures like rodent proofing, etc., at work and ensuring to leave a healthy household for a long time.

Why Do Rats Come Into Your House?


Before you know how to remove mice and rats from your home, you must be aware of the reasons or sources that attract rodents to your home. Let us find out.

  • If you have a lawn in your house, know that vegetable and fruit plants will invite rats because they are a fantastic source of food for the rats. These mammals generally consume various fruits, such as peaches, oranges, figs, avocados, and lemons. They enjoy almonds and walnuts as well. So, once these fruits or vegetables are ready to eat or fall into the garden, try to secure, regulate and store them properly within no time.
  • If you are experiencing any plumbing problems, such as pipe leaks, this could invite rats to your home.
  • Pet disposal, food ingredients, birdfeeders, trash cans, and even barbecue grills can entice rats. Proper sanitation activities can significantly reduce the likelihood of luring rodents into your lawn or home.
  • Rodents will use any openings you end up leaving to let them access your residence. As a result, any fractures or cracks in the walls, flooring, or even windowsills can give quick access to rats as they seek shelter.

Why Is It Necessary To Keep Rodents Away From Your Home?


Rodents can end up causing a remarkable amount of residential damage in a short time. While rodents are present, households, automobiles, and gardens all need to be secured. Rats are also a health concern because they transmit contagious diseases to pets and people.

Rodents and mice have been discovered to contain and spread up to 35 different illnesses. Infestation, tularemia, foodborne illness, and tularemia are among them. As a result, it is critical to make sure that they do not establish a base on your primary residence.

When a rat problem appears, it becomes critical to take immediate action to remove them and ensure that they do not come back. You can do various things to avoid having rats from the start in your place.

Items In The Home That Hinder Rodents


There are many commonly used home remedies that can be helpful when hindering rodents in a home. The most common ones are mentioned below-

● Bleach

A typical household commodity that can be utilized as a rat repellent is bleach. Because the foul smell of the detergent repels these creatures, mixing with water and spreading it around your home can assist keep them at bay.

● Essential Oils

Strong-smelling oils, like clove oil or peppermint oil, can deter rats. Drench cotton balls in your preferred essential oil and place them in places where you’ve noticed rodent activity, including closets, wardrobes, and under-washbasins, for optimal outcomes. While the smell alone will not remove mice, it is a sound barrier when used in combination with other strategies. This method is simple, inexpensive, and safe for pets and children.

● Citronella

It is widely known for its insect-repellent properties, and it also has the ability to retain rats and mice. Citronella’s citrus scent repels the rats. Therefore using it all around your household can serve the purpose. Citronella plants, oils, and candles can be purchased and planted in your house. This solution does not just keep rodents at bay, but it’ll also contribute to making your outdoor area more appealing.

● Mothballs


Mothballs have a solid, foul aroma that the rats cannot tolerate. You could place them in places where you frequently notice rodents or any other confined areas where these rats could hide. Mothballs can even be utilized to create a spray to remove them.

● Cloves Or Other Potent Components Like Pepper

Consider applying cayenne pepper, cloves, or black pepper, around the outside of the mansion to deter rodents from approaching in the initial place. You can spread your preferred component evenly between your home’s base and the ground. Spread smashed pepper close to rat holes and entryways. This irritates the rats’ nostrils and airways, discouraging them from returning to your household.

How Can You Get Rid Of Rodents Real-Quick?

Firstly, try all the tips mentioned above and tricks to eliminate mice and rats. And if you need to get the problem sorted quickly without much hassle, you should check with an experienced extermination company. Due to their advanced technical solutions, expertise, and experience, you can easily avoid these pest-related issues.

Professionals have the appropriate tools to utilize and, more importantly, know the proper placement. Rats are small yet intelligent, and removing the trouble quickly and securely requires someone with skills. They will assist in identifying rat entry points, locating breeding grounds and food cache regions, and removing rats from your home without inciting further damage to your property. Professional people can also assist you in determining the main cause of the pest infestation and preventing rats from returning in the coming years.

Parting Words


Rats are a significant annoyance in homes that can quickly escalate if left unrestrained. Likely, for most pest infestations, the source could be related to other residential issues, such as openings around doors and windows that allow in water and wind. Indeed, most repairs are simple, and when performed professionally, they almost always overcome your rat problem. It may take a few weeks. However, a rodent-free residence is entirely within your grasp.

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