100 Facts About BLACKPINK’s Lalisa Manoban (Lisa).

Lalisa Manoban is popularly known as Lisa, the member of the South Korean girl group, BLACKPINK. In this post, we are going to share 100 Facts about Lalisa Manoban.

So, Let’s get started:

  1. She is known as Maknae in the group.
  2. When she was 14, she moved to South Korea.
  3. When she was 14 years old, she became an official YG Trainee.
  4. She was selected out of 4000 people who gave an audition.
  5. She trained at YG for 5 years.
  6. In August 2016, when she was just 19 years old, she became a member of BlackPink.
  7. She became 9th in TC’s Most Beautiful Faces.
  8. She changed her biological name PranPriya to Lalisa because of Fortune Teller.
  9. Her favorite musical instrument is Ukulele.
  10. She is a step-daughter of a famous Chef.
  11. Her favorite color is Yellow.
  12. She is very talented at dancing.
  13. Her favorite color of hair is blonde.
  14. She is suffered from Sleep Paralysis.
  15. She is a massive fan of Avengers.
  16. Her favorite Avengers character is Thor.
  17. She is a fan of Action genre movies.
  18. In 2019, she became Celine Muse.
  19. Whenever she gets a chance, she watches Disney’s shows.
  20. She never forgets her charger when she is away for a trip.
  21. She wants to start her own Thai restaurant.
  22. She struggled to communicate at the beginning due to a lack of Korean Language Knowledge.
  23. She only knew one word of Korean that is Annyeonghaseyo, which means Hello.
  24. She likes to fall asleep while working.
  25. She is fond of guys who like to cook.
  26. She is also fond of mature guys who can take care of themselves.
  27. She was trained by two vocal coaches in Thailand named OP and Kan.
  28. She has her own reality TV show titled Lisa TV.
  29. She has a total of 6 cats with her.
  30. Leo, Luca, Hunter, Lily, Louis, and Tiger are the name of her cats.
  31. She liked to be a dance teacher when she was younger.
  32. She also pursued a career to become a flight attendant.
  33. Her favorite singer is Kehlani.
  34. Her favorite song is Honey by Kehlani.
  35. When she was just a trainee, she taught dances to all other members.
  36. She planned on moving to Australia if she didn’t get selected.
  37. She had Tomboy hair when she auditioned for YG.
  38. She likes Rapunzel from any Disney princess.
  39. Her favorite book is Little Prince.
  40. Her favorite movie is About Time.
  41. Her favorite number is 27.
  42. Her favorite place to visit in Japan is Harajuku.
  43. Her favorite place in Korea to visit is Hongdae.
  44. Her favorite place to visit in Thailand is Siam.
  45. She is regarded as a Thai idol and is a member of the group chat where they are added.
  46. Her hobbies are taking pictures, posting on social media, and watching movies.
  47. She is very fond of pink roses.
  48. She is very fond of Cubic nails.
  49. She likes to draw a lot, basically a picture of cats.
  50. She believes the rhythm of music comes to her naturally.
  51. Her favorite cake is Red Velvet.
  52. She is in love with her pets and likes to hug them.
  53. She wants to live in a house with a backyard for gardening.
  54. Her nickname is Lalis, Lapiz, Pokpak, Flying Lisa.
  55. Forever Young is her favorite song from “Square Up”.
  56. She likes french fries a lot.
  57. She knows boxing very well.
  58. She is described as a Happypill of Blackpink.
  59. In Thailand, she attended Paraphamontre II School.
  60. She is very fond of cute guys rather than bodybuilders.
  61. She is best of friends with singer Niki.
  62. She likes casual and streetwear.
  63. She enjoys eating chicken with her friends.
  64. She loves snowboarding.
  65. She loves watching the Olympics on TV.
  66. She is very good at science but not so good at Maths.
  67. She loves traveling worldwide.
  68. She prefers her last meal of the day to be Sushi.
  69. During her days off, she wants to travel to Switzerland.
  70. She loves Coca-Cola.
  71. She gives the advice to enjoy living life to the fullest.
  72. She wants to be born as a girl, in her next life.
  73. Her hobby is skydiving just once before she dies.
  74. She is very fond of Kinder Eggs.
  75. She is very scared of snakes and ghosts.
  76. Eating lots of food makes her happy.
  77. Wolfgang Steak House is her favorite restaurant.
  78. Croissant bread is her favorite bread.
  79. She sleeps 9 hours a day.
  80. She is very fond of collecting Lipsticks.
  81. She is into natural makeup nowadays.
  82. She loves her step-father dishes.
  83. Her favorite Korean dish is Gamjatang.
  84. Tempura is her favorite Japanese dish.
  85. Her favorite Thai dish Pad Ka-Pow.
  86. She likes to face masks as a way of skincare.
  87. She feels comfortable in Pajamas while sleeping.
  88. She is good at making Pad Thai.
  89. She is fond of hairstyle without bangs.
  90. She wants to appear on a hit Japanese show Toudaiou.
  91. Her favorite interior is Cute Lightning.
  92. She likes to play Nintendo and likes to listen to music during her break.
  93. She always likes to face the same side of the bed while sleeping.
  94. She likes to eat healthy and delicious food.
  95. She likes to bit fit by drinking water every single day after waking up.
  96. She learned Korean from watching Korean TV shows.
  97. She is fond of online shopping.
  98. She likes to keep up with current trends while shopping for new clothes and accessories.
  99. Her favorite Disney movie is Tangled.
  100. She always likes to sing You Belong with Me by Taylor Swift while doing Karaoke.
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