How to Make Screen Printing a Profitable Side Hustle

You may use screen printing, commonly referred to as silk screen printing or serigraphic printing, to publish your original patterns on a variety of products, including shirts, handbags, comforters, and banners. And over a thousand years ago, it was employed as a print method, and in the 1960s, it became famous as an artistic medium.

It is simple and handy, so that it might be a more practical and cheap alternative to methods like electronic printing. When you’ve gathered the essential tools, you can also continue selling your graphics or making specialized prints based on the requirements and demands of your customers. You can develop your passion for screen printing into a successful commercial venture.

How to Start a Successful Screen Printing Business?

Screen printing could be performed at home, but it will necessitate a significant amount of space as you’ll require spaces for screen printing supply, the printed garments or other items to dry after they’ve been exposed to light and darkness. You can visit for some effective supplies that would benefit your business. Additionally, more space will be needed if you use a screen printing device that can provide multicolored prints. You might start a printing company from zero or provide screen printing for current customers. Even monetizing your artwork and creative works is possible with it.

Buy and sell artwork

If you’re a designer or illustrator, you want to discover the finest approach to showcase your product. The ability to print instantly onto various diverse things is among the advantages of silk-screening. You may get your artwork printed on t-shirts, sheets, posters for walls, and even surfboards. Pick a medium that complements your style’s aesthetic the most.

Many artists effectively reproduce their works of art using screen printing. You can include printed t-shirts as well as other imprinted things in the goods you offer if you own a studio or store wherein you market your artwork. You can charge a bigger premium for the items than you could for custom-printed t-shirts since you are essentially marketing your artwork.

Market Bespoke Clothing

T-shirt designs can be printed in a variety of techniques, namely silk-screening. Silk screen printing is an inexpensive technique of printing apparel since you can use similar screens to produce 20 or 30 t-shirts at once, cutting down on the price of printing every item. You can print bespoke artwork such as phrases, symbols, and designs. Additionally, you can market your creations offline or digitally.

However, you are not restricted to printing t-shirts as you can indeed screen print on nearly any object, from bedspreads to pillowcases. You will have to be certain that you are able to give the garments at reasonable rates. As you print high-quality apparel, you may market your creations or give your clients the option to develop their originals as you sell personalized items.

Increase Your Business’s Diversity

Introducing customized imprinted goods into your business can expand your services and goods options if your company already enjoys a fanbase. If you manage a neighborhood bar and frequently have clients, you might want to consider marketing t-shirts or jerseys with your original artwork.

Promote your Company’s Brand and Activities

Screen printing is an alternate option you could provide. Allow clients to submit their ideas, modify them so they can be printed, and then print and send the requested products to the consumer.

Many companies utilize branded apparel and other products to help market their brand. Branded t-shirts are appropriate for wearing to conferences, trade shows, and any business meeting. You can take advantage of this chance to start a successful printing company that fills these orders. Some stores and companies demand that their employees wear labeled attire while on duty but lack the space, equipment, or finances to do so.

There are many strategies to increase your earning possibilities, regardless of how you generate income from silk screening. There are several methods to accomplish these goals, and one of the most popular and efficient ones that is particular to a screen printing enterprise is listed below. Generally, this entails cutting expenses and raising selling prices.

Make Certain Designs Are Printable

Printing detailed designs are challenging. Defects and blunders are much more prone to occur when bars are narrow, and spaces among print sections are narrow. Multiple-color printing necessitates regular screen changes, which extends the printing framework’s duration.

This period is costly and prevents you from working on fresh clients or extra purchases. collaborate with the customer to modify their design so that it is simpler and less costly to print while also explaining that intricate designs cannot be printed using screen printing.

Keep Using and Updating your Artwork

If some design components are utilized later, consider breaking the design into two or even more screens. For instance, having a dedicated display for the symbol will allow you to put this on all layouts if you are printing bespoke apparel for a firm that needs a variety of styles, but all will have the corporate logo.

If the consumer employs your services once more at a later period, it is a good probability they would also want the identical feature included in subsequent iterations. The company logo would need to have a varied size on various layouts; therefore, this isn’t necessarily practical.

Better Care for Screens

Use high-quality casings and recycle those as frequently as you can. Your displays will serve you properly the nicer you serve them. After using these, wipe them right away to avoid the ink from setting and hardening. Rather than using wood slats, choose aluminum ones because they keep their shape and are much more durable. If you’re looking to make screen printing a profitable side hustle, consider utilizing print-on-demand services like Gelato, which offers seamless integration with platforms like Etsy.

Consider Focusing on a Particular Specialty

It can be enticing to strive to please everyone, particularly when establishing a fresh firm. Although focusing on a particular specialization can be advantageous and much more lucrative, you would not want to restrict your opportunities to earn money and attract clients. Print baby photos on t-shirts or perhaps even baby grows and offer them. This will greatly simplify advertising and sales, and you will gain from word-of-mouth advertising. Future expansion into new niches is always an option.


It is not so hard to start your own silk-screening business. Be welcoming and competent, adhere to schedules, pay attention to your clients’ demands, and strive to predict them. Screen printing may be a lucrative side business with a little perseverance.

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