Memorial Gift Ideas to Send Instead of Flowers

Gift-giving isn’t easy and it is a science in itself. Sometimes you need to put your mind to it and know the person you are shopping for to make the gift-giving successful.

Now a particularly tough thing here is when you are gifting things to a grieving individual. There are those gifts that are given for happy occasions and there are gifts that are given for sad occasions. I have to say, from my personal experience, happier occasions are easier to gift while giving something to someone who is mourning for instance is immensely harder.

When it comes to this any advice and suggestions are always welcome, plus we are all trying to be as original as possible so new insights and new ideas are always good. This is the reason why we decided to make this article and give you insight into something new, innovative and interesting. If you like what you read by the end and if you want something that says forget me not, try bereavement gifts on

So now that we have that out of the way let’s see what we have prepared for you and what others have thought of to make your life and decisions easier.

Grieving basket

Flowers are nice and all and they are universal for any occasion. You do need to know about mixing and matching especially the colours of the flowers depending on the occasion but they are without doubt universal and used by everyone. If you want to stand out a bit and get someone grieving, something other than everyone else you can think of a nice basket put according to the situation and gift them that. That basket can contain pretty much anything but we will throw some ideas in. You can start with a nicely scented candle that will be relaxing and you can get ones that have something written on them. There are candles with Hope as writing that is soothing and nice looking so you can get that in. the second thing can be a journal or a diary-like thing where the grieving person can write in. it is said that paper can understand you better than anyone else and that those tough moments are best written there if you can’t rely on others. It is highly therapeutic as well. Next in line can be things like a friendship bracelet, picture frame, scented relaxing soaps, oils and so much more.


Now, this is a bit out of the ordinary but books can help people get their mind off certain things. Grieving is a long process and having something to take your mind away can be useful. If you know the person well you can easily get them the book, they like with a theme they prefer. If you are not that familiar you need to be careful with choosing the theme and you can go with books that most people like. Try some bestsellers that are good and you can also go for self-help books that can help to grieve a person through tough times. Some books talk about coping with the loss, and the grieving process but you can also go for books that will heal you both physically and mentally. There are plenty of those around and there are some good ones as well. The book you will get we will leave to you because you need to adjust that toward the one that is grieving.


Now, this isn’t for everyone, mainly because of skill, time and general inspiration. Making something with your own hands is probably the ultimate “I think of you” and “You mean to me” gift. This is why these are so good when it comes to grieving gifts. If you make anything by yourself, invest time and love into that, the grieving person will know and respect that more than anything. As for some ideas, the simplest thing to make, that will mean a lot to whoever you will be gifting is the remembrance box. This is easy to make and it takes a bit of thinking around. You can fill it just like that grieving basket but this time fill it with things that grieving person holds dear or things that will remind them of their loved ones that passed away. You can add something the passed held dear, put pictures, frames, trinkets, something personal of the deceased or something they liked. You can let your imagination run wild there.

Sympathy note jar

Now, this is another thing you can DIY or that you can buy pre-made. This is another unique gift for a grieving friend or family member. This can be a simple jar medium in size or as big as you need to put a 31 sympathy note handwritten or printed in similar writing to show that person you are there for them and to show your sympathy towards them. You can do it on individual notes and sell them in little envelopes, you can leave them as is and you can add something on top of that by making that jar look special and decorating it inside and out. This part is up to you, what you can do or what you can find online.


There is an old belief that when you see a cardinal it means that angels are near. Now since this is a specific situation, we believe that any gift that has a cardinal on it or is a cardinal picture, or sculpture is very thoughtful and that it will be cherished. You can get anything from candles, pictures, sculptures with nice writing on them and gifts that as a way of shoving the grieving ones that they always have an angel by their side.

As you can see ideas come from every direction. Maybe after reading this you get an idea of your own and make something unique that no one else saw or gifted so far. If that happens please tell us about it. we hope that we managed to help at least a bit and that we managed to provoke an artistic side in you when it comes to these things.

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