How Microsoft 365 Is Transforming Hybrid Working

Since being launched in 2011, Microsoft 365 has revolutionized the way we work. The groundbreaking suite of cloud-based office tools opened up the space for easier ways to work, improved information sharing and real-time collaboration on documents.

Microsoft certainly hasn’t rested on its laurels, constantly updating their 365 business packages to help propel companies of all sizes into the 21st Century. In 2024, they continue to provide support by helping business switch to hybrid working trends.

Why you should consider Microsoft 365 for your business?

Microsoft 365, generally took over the hybrid work world. We can notice that the number of businesses that are permanently deciding for a remote operation, need to use a special security system that will satisfy their requirements. A solution that Microsoft 365 provides is exactly the dynamic, cloud-based, and fluid solution that completely includes secure remote work measures. Microsoft generally continues to improve its system in order to provide the greatest business experience for a growing remote workforce. Therefore, the update that refers to the Microsoft 365 is exactly the one that enables flexible workspace.

Improved Tools for User Collaboration

Microsoft 365 not only will enable you the advantage of conducting interactive webinars with high user experiences, such as custom registration, host controls, and post-event reporting. This all refers to people both inside and outside of the company. Additionally, very soon all events are going to be integrated with the powerful attended management experience thanks to the Microsoft 365 marketing features. In other words, this means that people will be able to promote attendees even before, during, or after the event is done. Moreover, Microsoft s allows the feature of sharing channels with anyone, whether that person is inside or outside of the organization.

Better Presentations Will Be Provided

One more interesting feature of Microsoft 365 refers to the PowerPoint Live feature. This means that presentations will be offered and delivered in an innovative and better way. They are going to have special notes, slides, meeting chats, and participants in a single view. Best of all is the fact that presenters have the option to customize how their video feed, as well as the content, is going to appear to their audience with different modes. All attendees will personalize their experience since the private navigation of the content is available. Also, they can use a screen reader. The display of the presentation is one of the highlights since the speaker’s video feed is placed in front of the shared content.

New Meeting Experiences

Microsoft 365 is actually developed to provide a hybrid workforce where both in-person people and the ones that are attending virtually can be introduced to the same views. There is a special together mode and intelligent speakers that can identify and differentiate the voice of 10 people that are talking at the same time in a Microsoft Team Room.

Increased Protection

As you probably can conclude, a remote workforce can increase the number of cybersecurity threats. Microsoft 365 resolved this problem with a specially integrated end-to-end approach that includes Artificial Intelligence and automation features. With the mentioned, security and protection are guaranteed from all angles. Microsoft Team supports an end-to-end encryption system for one-to-one Microsoft Team calls. When it comes to other protection measures, Microsoft 365 enables high protection of documents and information. There is also specially treated analytics included in Microsoft 365 defender that offers a set of reports which can help users to understand, prevent and minimize active threats. Besides that, there is a special passwordless authentication that provides a secured experience where users do not need to enter their passwords in order to access their personal data. Finally, there is also Microsoft 365 multi-geo features that provide users from different geographic location to be a part of the Microsoft team.

Microsoft Mesh

Much of Microsoft’s recent work in 365 has been to make remote and in-person workers better connected, reducing the potential disjointedness of a hybrid workplace.

Their most recent innovation is the Augmented Reality platform Microsoft Mesh. Employees will be able to put on a VR headset to occupy the same physical space as their co-workers, despite potentially thousands of miles between them.

Microsoft hopes that this system will help workers engage with each other, show their personality, and experience 3D content in real-time to spark new creative approaches.

Security and Compliance

Hybrid working has also opened up opportunities for businesses to collaborate more closely. However, engaging with new teams will always lead to some nervousness. How can you trust another team that does not follow your security protocols?

Microsoft 365 is working hard to facilitate active inter-team collaboration by helping to overcome this nervousness. This has been expressed most clearly in Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft has implemented an array of trust-building security policies. For example, Microsoft Defender checks all files shared over teams for Office 365. This precaution ensures you can open files sent to you by other companies safe in the knowledge that you are not inviting any malware into your systems.

The tech giant is also due to release a new security update in April 2024. To understand this in more depth, check out this article by leading IT support providers MicroPro.

Moreover, Microsoft 365 is helping your team to maintain compliance with GDPR and other data laws through customizable retention policies. These allow you to change the length of time that files and personal data are held within your 365 according to whatever regulations your business must operate within.


Microsoft 365 isn’t only about offering new and innovative software to facilitate hybrid working; they also aim to influence remote working culture so that your staff can be as productive and healthy as possible.

Microsoft’s Work Lab is constantly generating helpful resources, guiding businesses on building the best company culture in these changing times. Their recent guide “Building a Healthier Meeting Culture” is an example of an excellent resource, guiding the reader through hybrid meeting best practices and when we should aim to reduce the time spent in meetings.

The Future of Hybrid Working

There was a time when working in real-time on the same document was revolutionary. Those days have passed, and businesses’ expectation of what hybrid working means is constantly developing. As Microsoft 365 continues to push ahead of these demands, they have pressured their competitors to match their standards. As we move through the second decade of this millenia, hybrid working is set to get even more exciting.

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