Who is the Most Popular Band in the World 2024?

Ranking the best or most popular band or artist in the world is an extremely controversial topic. Do we rank them by people who know them, albums sold, or by how often you can hear the songs on the radio? There are artists that we have all heard about and even if we don’t know any of the songs they have written and performed we still know of them. In this article, we are going to try and find out who is the most popular band in the world this year and we will tell you what people from 2024 think when it comes to ranking bands by popularity.

It all depends on the generations


The first thing you need to know is that this is a pretty subjective question and if you ask people from different generations, and different countries you’re going to get different answers. Even if we talk about the same singers, songwriters, and bands the answer is going to greatly differ depending on the person you are asking this question.

When we talk to older generations they’re going to easily say that the best and most popular bands in the world were formed decades ago and they are not something that showed up less than five years ago. On the other hand, if we ask someone who is younger, chances are they are going to answer that the most popular bands are the ones that are new, creative, and follow current trends.

However, let’s see what is the most popular band in the world depending on current ratings and how many people know of them. Keep on reading to find out what is the most popular music group overall and which music group managed to get millions of fans all over the world in less than a decade of their creation.

The most popular band overall

When we talk about bands that are globally recognized, an inspiration for millions of musicians, and credited by everyone, there are a few bands that we cannot fail to mention even though many of them don’t exist anymore.

The first band that is one of the best of all time is of course The Beatles, and they were established in England in the late 50s. There is not a soul in the world who has not heard of them and who doesn’t know at least one of their songs. Next, we have Queen and this band was founded in the 70s. Even artists today still cannot outperform them and when we think about the best shows ever made in the world we think about Queen. We cannot fail to mention bands such as Pink Floyd, The Rolling Stones, Nirvana, The Doors, Pearl Jam, The Police, and even Coldplay.

All of these names are extremely successful, popular, and known by billions of people all around the world. However, does that mean that these artists and bands are as successful nowadays as they were in the 80s or the 90s?

Once again this is all subjective but we cannot fail to recognize their success and their music. Even now people listen to their tunes and if you have been on the lookout for a specific song from a specific artist, then you can use Fakaza to listen your favorite tunes.

The most popular current band


We cannot be subjective and we cannot say that good bands are only those that were formed decades ago. We can easily see that bands that were formed less than a decade ago have gained huge popularity in just a few years and that there’s something that people from every generation enjoy.

If we are looking for the best band and most popular one in the world as of this year we cannot fail to mention that that band would be BTS. This Korean band is also known as the Bangtan Boys and they were formed in 2013. It seems that overnight they gained worldwide popularity and that even if we don’t listen to this type of music we definitely know of them.

They were formed to originally be a hip-hop group however as they matured and explored different types of audiences their style has greatly evolved and nowadays they cover a huge range of genres. The thing that they are best known for are their lyrics and they focus on pretty much everything that would make a young person want to develop and improve. They are not shy to talk about current issues including troubles, mental health, things that come with being different, and what we need to do to make sure that at the end of the day we’re happy. They are an inspiration for millions of young people around the world and they are also recognized by the older generations who appreciate a good song, a good beat, and even better lyrics. They have collaborated with some of the greatest names in the industry and even if you’re not a person who follows them you definitely know at least a few of their songs by heart.

Do you need to know all of their songs?

You’ve probably heard about all the names that we mentioned in this article but can you call yourself their fan if you don’t know all of their songs by heart? One of the worst things that could happen is gatekeeping a band or an artist just because someone is so-called a bigger fan than others. To appreciate and recognize someone’s music you don’t need to know all of their songs and you don’t need to know their full discography by heart. The most important thing is for you to enjoy the beat and appreciate the artist.

There are many other bands, singers, and songwriters that are internationally recognized and that serve as an inspiration to millions all around the world. At the end of the day, it is up to you to decide who you like and what you like about them and just because someone is recognized by others it does not mean that you need to follow their career or that you need to listen to their tunes. If you want to enjoy a specific band or a singer then you can easily play their music for you and your friends whenever you feel like it.

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