Which Online Pokie Bets Are Better To Make: Small Or Big Ones?

Pokies represent one of the most popular options on online gambling platforms in recent years. The reason for that is that they are simple and fun. There are no specific rules that you have to follow, and the only action that you can make is to press the start button. Many people find it relaxing and entertaining. However, if you want to win money more often, you will need the right approach.

Before we start with more details about strategies that you can use, we have to mention that the selection of the website is the first thing to focus on. The key is to avoid potential fraud, and you can do that by checking if the site is safe and reliable.

The best way for that is to read more about the experience of other players and professional reviews. If you want to read more about the best online gambling platforms available in Australia, visit this page.

When you are sure that the website is legit, you can continue by making the payment and choosing the right game. The rules are quite simple, and there are no specific strategies that you can use to improve your chances. However, choosing the right coin size can make a huge difference. We are going to analyze more on this topic in the following article.

How To Choose the Right Value?

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There are several factors that you should consider when setting the coin size. First of all, your budget, but also some features of the game you are playing like volatility and return rate. Also, there are additional features, bonus-buy options, random prizes, progressive prizes, and more.

When you are focused on your balance, the key is to choose the value where you can stay in the game for a longer time without the need to make another payment. Keep in mind that these games can be very addictive and that it is not a rare case that people lose focus, which often leads to financial losses.

The biggest risk is when a player thinks that the next payment will help him recover the losses. In combination with an uncontrolled increase in coin size and repeated payments, that could lead to serious financial issues.

Factors like return rate and volatility are very important as well. When a game has a higher return rate that means that there is a bigger chance of winning anything on each hand. The problem is that there is a common misconception that this rate is related to the chance of winning. When the return rate is 90%, it simply means that you can expect that at least 9 out of 10 turns will combine at least the lowest valued symbols.

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The same is for volatility, but it also includes special features. For example, if there is an option to win additional games, high volatility will increase the chance of that. Also, it is important to know that games with higher volatility offer special features that can provide less money, at least in most cases. On the other hand, winning some special combination or feature in a game with lower volatility often means that you can expect a higher prize even if you are playing with a lower value.

Before you start playing, consider the amount of money you are prepared to spend while chasing some combination, and how much time you want to play. For example, determining $50 for this activity while you want to play for a longer time means that you should avoid bigger values, at least at the beginning of your progress.

The rules are quite simple, and a higher coin size provides bigger prizes. However, it can be difficult to chase that for a longer time. All of these games are random and unpredictable. Also, it is a myth that the value can affect the game in any way. There is a surprising number of people who still think that a game will give more or less frequently according to the coin size.

Flexibility is the Best Option

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Being flexible while playing these games means that you will never strictly use only one value. Instead of that, a much better approach is to use a progressive strategy according to your balance. In practice, that works in a way where you will start with a lower value and then increase or lower it depending on the performance.

For example, you started with $50, and the starting value is $1. You can use the same value until you reach $60. At that point, you can increase it to $2. On the other side, if you drop to $40, you will decrease it to 90 cents or 80 cents. The biggest advantage of this approach is that you will stay in the game for a longer time, which means more chances to win some special features and combinations.

It is important to stay determined and focused all the time. The biggest mistake players are making is when they stop using it. For example, winning a bigger prize might lead some players into thinking that it is their lucky day, and then they decide to increase the value even more. Also, some of them who are facing a losing strike might decide to increase the coin size by hoping that it will help them to quickly recover and win a lot in the end.

Last Words

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It is difficult to say that either of these options is the best solution. Playing with the higher value will provide bigger prizes, but also increased the chance to lose more while playing with the minimum coin size can be stressful for some players since winning even the most valuable combinations won’t give them so much money.

Therefore, the best solution is to choose the coin size according to your preferences and the amount of money you can spend. That is the main reason why flexibility is the best option because it is the most sustainable.

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