Online Roulette Strategy – Futility of Strategies

Despite the existence of a great many systems for conquering the roulette wheel, most of them cannot actually overcome the ever-present house edge, because they are essentially only money management strategies. When employing these strategies in online roulette platforms, all you are doing is putting your money down on a given proposition, and hoping for a significant slice of luck.

The layout of the numbers at the betting area has nothing to do with the numbers in the wheel itself. The placement of these numbers was only done to prevent gamblers employing a second, highly questionable system known as the wheel strategy.

Wheel strategies work on the theory that the wheel mechanism itself may be flawed. It is said that no roulette mechanism is perfect and that some are significantly less perfect than others. On the latter type of wheel, a player may be able to identify a certain number where the hits are way out of proportion with probability and in so doing he may overcome the house edge.

However, to play accurate wheel strategies requires a great deal of time and often money. Several thousand hits on a specific wheel are needed before a player can ascertain with a high degree of certainty that the wheel is indeed biased.

For most players, the amount of time, effort and money needed to achieve this is just too much of a chore. Others, however, find it pleasurable.

The second type of general strategy is known as wheel tracking. This strategy supposedly helps a player to determine in what sector of numbers the ball will land in after it has been cast. This is done by weighing the speed at which the ball is cast against the speed of the wheel.

Generally there is a 15 to 20 second window of betting opportunity for players who can perform this feat, as it is generally the last few revolutions of the wheel that provide the visual tracker with his information. The flaws in each of these strategies are glaringly obvious, and it is fair to say that neither of them can be counted on by anyone bar the roulette obsessed or the highly gifted.

What is Online Roulette

Online roulette is a glamor-game that is one of the first to spring to mind when you think of casinos. Over the centuries, roulette has been the game of choice for royalty, nobility and various other people of power. But it is also one of the most accessible game, since the rules of the game and the betting can be incredibly simple, with novices able to choose to bet on the almost 50-50 chance of odds vs even or black vs red.

However, despite the overall simplicity of the game, there is a wide variety of bets that it is possible to make, with varying degrees of risk and return. Even better, there are some bets with very long odds, meaning that the very, very lucky can walk away with handsome winnings, without having really risked very much money.

The Online Roulette Playing Area

Firstly, there are two different forms of roulette: American and European. The online playing area for both types of roulette is divided into two parts.

First there is the wheel which is divided into three distinct layers: the backtrack, which is the static frame that contains the groove where the wheel is spun; the bottom track, which is where the ball falls when it leaves the backtrack; and the wheel head, which is the spinning wheel that contains the slots or the pockets for the ball to fall into.

Roulette balls come in a range of different sizes from that of a marble to as large as a ping-pong ball. Each roulette table possesses two balls of one size. On the bottom track of the wheel there are a number of purpose built barriers, which stop the ball from making a clean dive into the numbered pockets. This ensures the game to be random and makes it impossible to predict in advance precisely where the ball will drop.

The second area of the roulette playing area is the long rectangular flat zone with markings on where the bets are placed, known as the layout area.

When you are betting on the numbers, you place your bet directly on the layout for that number. If somebody else’s bet is already there, you simply place your bet on top of theirs, hence each player having different colored chips.

Once the dealer places down the market, this is the signal that no more bets will be taken.

Once all losing bets have been collected by the dealer and the winning bets have been paid out accordingly, the dealer removes the market and a new round of betting commences.


Online roulette is a true gambling and should be played within a budget limit. It should be played within the risk attitude. Going beyond may lead to financial disaster. This is the reason experts suggest playing with brains and not as an addict. Moreover, they advise not to chase the losses. Losing one or two games is a signal to quit for the day and come back any other day.

Roulette is a game of luck and strategies. It simultaneously requires proper knowledge and experience. However, win is not guaranteed. Even the most experienced player may not always win. This is the reason such games are not encouraged and it is strictly not for minors and students. Some more info can be found on this link.

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