Types Of Perfumes That Smell Like Summer

What perfumes that smell like summer are your favorite ones? You probably have a bunch of them, but which ones are you most comfortable wearing? You’ll find some perfumes that smell great on and off the body, so here’s a look at a few you might want to try.

Natural Fragrances


One of the most common and enjoyable scents is floral. Water lilies, freesia, fresh mandarin orange and gardenia are all very easy to love and they smell good. When you spray these on, you get a sweet, summer smell that lingers. A lighter fragrance would be sandalwood or amber. If you’re feeling a bit more daring, try citrus for a fresh scent or spice up an old favorite with rose, grapefruit or amber.

A lot of floral fragrances lend themselves to being good for daytime wear, especially at the beach. You can wear a light floral scent such as white lily or a blend of jasmine and rose. Or, you could wear a heavier scent like freesia or sandalwood. One of the scents that smells like summer every day is freesia with a hint of lemongrass.

Get Inspired by Light Fragrances

You could also get something as lemongrass, peach, amber and woodsy notes. It’s perfect for walking around outside in the warm, sunny days and enjoying the fresh air.

One other choice for an all day fragrance would be a nice blend of fruit smells. These include a mix of Mandarin, mango, raspberry, grapefruit, and orange. These scents are deep and spicy. Get something with hints of tangerine and spice. A scent that smells like summer doesn’t have to be heavy and powerful. It can be delicate and mild. This perfume is one of the most popular of all the fruity smells and is a great daily spray for when you need a little relaxation. You can also think of switching to more solid perfumes if these dissipate too fast. Some alcohol based perfumes may not last that long in the extreme heat.



Summer, as a time of year when the temperature is soaring, lends itself to making plenty of great perfumes. Your choice of fragrance depends on what you want to wear. You may choose to wear something subtle so as not to overpower the environment. Or, you may choose a more powerful scent. If you’re choosing perfume for a special occasion or event, then you can use your imagination to create a scent that smells like summer all day long. Whatever you decide, you’re sure to love it! Be sure to always test the perfume and walk in it a bit. The smell will change as time passes and as it mixes with your smell.

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