4 Things to Know Before Playing Craps Online for the First Time

Finding a new activity to make your go-to hobby is not always as easy as it seems. While having enough free time in your average day for a fun hobby is nothing but a positive, it may be quite bothersome to pick a thing to make your own. There is so much in terms of entertainment out there these days and it can be an overwhelmingly impossible decision to make. With all sorts of digital and outdoors fun at every corner, how does one choose? Well, it depends on the person of course as everyone ends up picking what they find the most appealing and as close to their inner self as possible. For more and more people in this age of modern technology and smart solutions, that would be online gambling.

A Familiar Hobby

According to our article, gambling as a whole is hardly a new thing on the entertainment market. It is actually among the oldest things one can do for fun since wagering on various outcomes has been around for centuries, perhaps even thousands of years. It is natural for people to put their money and treasured belongings where their mouth is and back up their claim with more than just a bold prediction. Over the years, especially from the early 20th century and onwards, there have been many laws and regulations that have made a booming industry out of gambling and because of that everyone has had it much better than before.

Gambling on the Web


The biggest thing that happened to the industry since huge casino resorts saw the light of day was the internet. Right now, there are thousands of online casinos available on the web, perhaps even tens of thousands. It is impossible to guess as new ones pop up all the time with many also going out of business. There are also fake casinos that try to take advantage of players. However, the overall impressions are more than positive and gambling on the web is now the most popular way to play all of the casino games. It is much more convenient than going to a local establishment as you can do it from anywhere as long as you have a gadget and internet access.

Speaking of popular casino games, there are many of them that the players love and adore. The classics like roulette, poker, and blackjack are the most popular, as they always have been. Slot machines and different hybrid games that utilize that formula are the most common and widespread. But what about other games, those that people know about but rarely pick up to gamble on and try to become good at? One such game has always been craps. Living in the shadow of the classic trio of poker, blackjack, and roulette, and not nearly as widely played and known as the slots, it is still a fun, exciting, and potentially rewarding game. In this article we talk about this dice game and the things you have to know before playing it online for the first time ever. If you are in search of your new favorite game, craps can be it. Read on to find out more and click here for additional info and craps tips.

1. Which possible outcomes exist and what they mean

First and foremost, you have to know the possible outcomes of a round of craps. There are three possible outcomes that can happen once the number is rolled and displayed on your screen. The first is the Natural, which means that the total result of your roll is either 7 or 11. If this happens, you win and you can roll the dice one more time. The second outcome is called Craps, like the game, and it happens if you roll a total of 2, 3, or 12. When or if this happens, you lose, but the round is not over because you roll again. The third outcome that can happen is called the Point, and it happens if you roll 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10. If you roll one of these, you roll again and have to get the same number again. The combination of the numbers on the dice does not have to be the same, but the total does. If you succeed, you win.

2. What to bet on what it means


Now that you know the outcomes, you should also learn which bets are typically played in craps. The ones that are the most common and therefore popular can be placed on any roll. Any Seven means the shooter rolls 1 7. Any Craps means the shooter rolls the Craps outcome, i.e. a 2, a 3, or a 12. Ace Deuce bet involves the shooter rolling a 3, while the Aces bet is if you want to play on the shooter rolling a 2. Boxcars bet is the one where the shooter rolls a 12, while the Horn implies them rolling a 2, a 3, an 11, or a 12. There is also the Hard Ways bet where you win if you roll a 4, a 6, an 8, or a 10, but with a pair of same numbers on each dice, and before any other combination spells out a 7. It is a difficult bet but one that pays handsomely.

3. Basic rules are as easy as it gets

You may be wondering why the basic rules come after the most common bets and the outcomes. Well, that is because it is a very simple game to learn and one that does not require that many things to know before you can start playing seriously. There is a great deal of luck involved and not a lot of skill, meaning it is quite easy to get the hang of. The round starts with a Come-Out Roll, which is the first roll of the dice. The one who rolls them is The Shooter. The shooter takes two dice and throws them on the craps table. In the online gambling variety, they simply press the “roll” button on the screen. That is it! The rest is left for the fate to decide, or rather the RNG (random number generator) algorithm in charge for what happens with the digital dice on online craps. There is really not much to it, which is why the outcomes and the bets are far more important.

4. Have fun while doing it


Finally, you have to remember to have fun while playing craps. It is an easy and straightforward games with no room for aggression, annoyances, or thinking the world is against you. More about straightforward games, you can find at on this link. The whole game was made to be equally fair to anyone, i.e. not really fair at all since you cannot influence the outcome or change it in any way. It is fun to play especially if you need a break from other stuff web-based casinos offer. Try it out and you will see how easy it is to get hooked on it.

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